How to choose the right estate agent to sell your property

Letting a home can be a total minefield, difficult to navigate and easy to slip up on. That’s why choosing the perfect estate agent is important to look for tenants, guide you through the difficult decision-making process and give you advice on every step of the way. Here’s how to work out if an estate agent is the one for you.

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Similar Properties

Find out which agent has properties on their listings that are similar to yours. This will mean that you property will not come as a surprise to them – it will be something they have dealt with before, and so you can trust their experience on the matter.

Put your feelers out and see if this agent is very active in the market and if they are enthusiastic about showing properties like the ones you have seen that are similar to yours. If this agent is actively ‘selling’ these properties to people, they’re far more likely to generate a good set of tenants for you as well.

Many agents like will have a particular type of property they love to market, so it’s important to find this out. Letting agents in Bath and other cities with a strong aesthetic identity will often feel passionate about their market.

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Who Do You Want to Speak To?

This should have helped you to narrow down the options a little to help you see the better agents in your area. Make a small list of agents that you like the look of and contact them.

You should consider if they have similar properties to yours on the market and that they are capable of marketing them to the right people. As well as this, you have to look at the kinds of prices they’re achieving, and what they actually do to find the right people for the right property. Consider if you are offering the right property for the tenants that this agent looks for – sources like suggest that tenants’ priorities have started to change.

Make a comprehensive list of questions to ask them, and don’t leave out the ones that you are afraid to ask. Choosing the right agent can make the difference between a complete mess and a smooth, easy process. Do your research, and make the best choice for you.