Open MRI Machines Alleviate Anxiety

Few things can make a person more anxious than the prospect of undergoing an MRI, or magnetic resonance imaging. In addition to concerns about the results of a scan, there’s also the unsettling nature of the process itself. For many years, the only option available to patients was the traditional closed unit in which one is completely enveloped during the scanning process. The good news is that there is now an alternative to the closed MRI: an Open MRI machine. Here are four groups for which it’s well suited. 

Claustrophobic Individuals

The extended time spent in a closed MRI unit can cause great distress to individuals with claustrophobia. Even those who are not claustrophobic often suffer the same symptoms after just a few minutes in the tube. An Open MRI machine, which uses only top and bottom magnetic areas, is clearly a welcome option for both groups.


MRIs can be doubly frightening for children, who typically require additional supervision. The open process makes it easy for monitors and loved ones to be close by to talk the child through the scan and help alleviate his or her fears. 

The Elderly

As with children, the closed MRI can induce stress in people of advanced age. An Open MRI machine is a good option, especially for patients who might be suffering from dementia or general confusion that can accompany old age.

People With Different Body Types

An Open MRI machine typically has a greater weight capacity than a closed one. It can comfortably accommodate people of all shapes and sizes and scan larger patients with ease.

The Disabled

People who have limited mobility or use wheelchairs usually have easier transfers into Open MRI machines compared to closed ones.

If you’re in need of an MRI and seeking a less restrictive experience, consider the open MRI process. It provides all the diagnostic qualities of the closed MRI while providing ease and comfort.