Cleaning Items Every Business Should Have to Hand

If there was a spill or accident in the office, would you have the right cleaning products to hand? Most businesses rely on their cleaning contractor to supply all the cleaning materials. However, in an emergency, this isn’t going to be good enough. You might think it’s cost-effective to rely on your cleaner’s vacuum cleaner and antibacterial sprays but it’s not the most sensible course of action.

What if you really need access to cleaning products and they are stored in a locked cupboard, only accessible when the cleaner comes in after 5pm? You could find yourself left in the lurch. Being able to deal with broken items, spills and stains quickly and effectively is important for businesses, especially those who have visitors or customers. You’ll want to clean up quickly to keep up good appearances and avoid any health and safety issues.

Here are some vital pieces of equipment and cleaning items that you should always have stored to hand in the workplace and not rely on your cleaner to provide:

  1. A Vacuum Cleaner

It’s a common occurrence that businesses rely on their cleaner’s vacuum cleaner, but what do they do when a mess or spill needs immediately clearing up? Whether you choose a neat and tidy hand-held on the wall, pop a Henry in the cupboard or invest in a Dyson for the boardroom – having a vacuum cleaner to hand makes good sense. Don’t rely on the hoover belonging to your Office Cleaning in Cheltenham company.

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  1. Safety Signs

When it comes to keeping staff and visitors safe from hazards, the very least you should invest in is a wet floor sign. You’ll also want to avoid any compensation claims for injury caused inside your premises. Wet floor signs are vital at times of heavy rain, when cleaning has taken place and while any spills are being dealt with.

  1. A mop

Any dirt, grime or spillages will need mopping up straight away to avoid injury. Having a mop to hand will be incredibly useful in these circumstances when you can’t wait for the cleaning team to arrive. If you’re looking for Office Cleaning in Cheltenham, contact Intocleaning.

  1. Cleaning Cloths

These are always handy to have around, whether it’s for a quick clean-up of a messy or dusty desk or for coffee spills in the break room. You should also have a supply of computer wipes for monitors and phones. Antibacterial wipes in the kitchen area are also useful in case of fridge or microwave spills that can’t be left to linger.

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  1. Different Surface Sprays

Along with cleaning cloths, a variety of surface sprays are also useful to have around. Ones that contain an antibacterial element are ideal for banishing germs and lurking bacteria that hang around places like door handles, work surfaces and desks.