This is how the internet has changed our lives the way we link

how the internet has changed our lives

The digital age has generated new ways and tools to flirt and find love. This is how the internet has changed our lives the way we link. Serenades in front of the balcony, bouquets of flowers, notes in class … Times change and it seems that these ways of linking are already outdated. The Internet has radically transformed the way we relate to others, whether with our own family and friends or when we meet new people. And this, of course, also includes flirting. In this article, we approach the new systems to find love.

“Mom, dad … How did you meet?” “Son, In Tinder, in Tinder”. In a few years, this response can be the most usual. And at present, there are many love stories that arise on the Net. Each time we have more digital resources to find a partner or, simply, someone who attracts us with whom to have a good time.

How the internet has changed our lives of linking in the digital era

One of the advantages of flirting on the Internet is that it is easier to leave behind the embarrassment of chatting on a date or trying to engage in conversation in a bar or disco.

These are some of the most common ways to carry out digital courtship:

 how the internet has changed our lives

Forums and chats

In the beginnings of flirting 2.0, the forums and chats gained great prominence. The bowels of these platforms arose all kinds of romances. These tools are the queens of long conversations, of typing pretty words until the early hours of the morning, of cyber-worship in all its splendor and without a doubt a good preliminary step to arrange face-to-face meetings. Although some of them did not materialize due to geographical distance.

Dating pages

The art of flirting on the Internet has continued to evolve and the dating pages went a step further. They are specific networks to find a couple where users register their data and can contact the people they like or with whom they are most compatible. Some of the most popular in Spain are Meetic, eDarling and Badoo, although everything depends on the profile of the candidates who register.

 how the internet has changed our lives

Social networks

Although they were not born for this purpose, social networks are also an interesting field for flirting. This is how the internet has changed our lives. Who has not exchanged hints through private messages on Facebook? Perhaps Twitter retweets can also be a way to communicate a person’s interest in it. Not to mention the hegemony of like in Instagram and conversations in messaging services like WhatsApp.


We all like to meet people with common interests: fans of rock music, sports fans, hard-core readers, passionate about video games, horror movie lovers … Therefore, flirting also finds its place in thematic groups. What better place to find your Daenerys or your Jon Snow than a page of followers of the television series ‘Game of Thrones’?


But the process of linking has gone even further. The last rankings are the apps to link, a phenomenon among young and not so young. That is the case of Tinder, the most popular application today because it is used in 190 countries. But there are also other more peculiar as Sapio, where you have to pass a knowledge test to demonstrate the user’s intelligence or Raya, focused on finding a partner with many followers on social networks.

 how the internet has changed our lives

New times, same essence

The Internet gives us a lot of game when it comes to how the internet has changed our lives. Flirting helping us to break down geographical barriers, meet people from all over the world and, in short, find our soul mate. But, as in the offline environment, not everything is worth it.

One of the most typical errors when linking on the Web is lying and not being transparent. Something not justified and will not take us anywhere. You also have to be very aware of the context and never contact someone with romantic or sexual intentions on inappropriate platforms, such as professional networks like LinkedIn.

In short, the Internet offers us new ways to show our charms and meet new people, but that does not mean that we have to change our way of being or annoy other users. Respect for the other person remains the essence of flirting and falling in love, whether face to face or in front of a digital device. Now you know how the internet has changed our lives the way we link with a loved one.