Are Fitted Wardrobes a Good Investment?

There are many times that are good times for having new wardrobes installed. Perhaps you’re moving into a new home or want to give a tired bedroom an exciting makeover. Whatever your reason, it’s important to get the most out of the space they have in a way that looks great and serves a useful function. The best way to make use of space is with fitted wardrobes. Here are some of the many benefits:

The best use of available space

The main benefit of choosing fitted wardrobes is that they provide the most effective use of the available space in any room. With a free-standing wardrobe, a fair amount of floor space must be given up and other furniture must work around the unit. A fitted wardrobe slots in seamlessly, having been measured to perfection so there is zero space wastage.

When you’re buying a free-standing unit, there is always a risk that it won’t fit, you’ve got the measurements wrong or the whole thing will be too overpowering in the room. It might also not be big enough to adequately meet your needs. A fitted variety provides excellent stress-free storage for clothing, shoes and other belongings, keeping everything tucked away and off the floor. For Fitted Wardrobes Hampshire, visit

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Keep it all neat and tidy

You’ll receive a lot of additional space with fitted wardrobes, making it far easier to keep all your belongings organised and tidy, whilst being easily accessible. They offer a straightforward answer to keeping on top of things which will make your home a more relaxing and pleasant place to spend time.

Easy to keep clean

A traditional wardrobe is tricky to clean, with awkward gaps between the unit and the wall and underneath between the bottom and the floor. Dust and cobwebs can accumulate, especially as it’s tough to reach the top to dust. With a fitted wardrobe, you get a self-contained unit that is fitted to the floor and wall, meaning no tricky gaps to dust or vacuum. All it needs is a regular wipe over to keep it as good as new.

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Custom-made for your needs

Having a stylish, contemporary fitted wardrobe from a company that offers a bespoke service means that you get a piece of furniture tailored and measured to your exact requirements. Why waste time searching for a free-standing wardrobe that might never be the right fit when you can have one designed to fit your bedroom space perfectly? You are able to call the shots, from the exterior finish to the mirrors and shelving options. Choosing one with mirrors also saves you from the need to buy a separate mirror for the bedroom. Mirrors that reach the floor will provide additional lighting in the bedroom making it appear brighter and bigger, as well as giving you the benefit of being able to see a complete outfit from head to toe.