5 Things to Remember When Carrying a Concealed Weapon

You want to protect yourself and those around you, and carrying a firearm is a very impactful way to give yourself peace of mind. If you’re planning to carry a concealed weapon at any time, there are several things you should be aware of first. Here are five important tips to remember.

Good Barrel Etiquette is Crucial

Even when your gun is holstered, you need to maintain good barrel etiquette. Imagine a laser pointed straight out from your barrel; anything the laser touches could potentially get hit in the event of an accidental discharge. Be aware of how you position your holster and where the gun is pointed at all times.

Keeping One in the Chamber Requires More Caution

Carrying with a bullet in the chamber comes with significantly more responsibility than keeping your bullets separate. Your risk of accidental discharge is much higher this way, so take extra caution to keep the gun secure and pointed away from everyone else. It does come with the benefit of being ready to fire at a moment’s notice, so keep that in mind when choosing how to carry.

You Should Only Fire When You Absolutely Need To

Do not ever put your finger on the trigger until you’re certain you need to pull it. Firearms need to be used responsibly, and using yours outside of a controlled environment (such as a range) can result in severe injury or even loss of life. Your gun is a tool for protection and you have the right to use it as such, but you shouldn’t fire it unless you or someone else is in extreme and immediate danger.

You’re Setting an Example for Others

Carrying a firearm comes with a lot of responsibility, even if you’re concealing it. You’re actively setting an example for those who know you’re using it. if you are taking caution and treating the gun and your right to carry with respect, you’ll likely influence them to do the same. Check out the many concealed carry options for women and find out what’s best for you.

Not All Places Allow Concealed Carry Weapons

Before going out, make sure that you’re allowed to carry a concealed weapon at all of the places you may go. Some locations allow concealed carry with certain restrictions, so find out what your options are.

Carrying a firearm should be done with maturity and care, but the peace of mind and protection are certainly worth the effort.