6 Tricks to clean windows

clean windows

Since they are exposed to the outside, they get dirty easily and this means that we must give them some maintenance. However, this is not a task that is fun or enjoyable, but everything has a solution. To facilitate this task, we will share 6 tricks to clean windows.

Many times you prepare to clean them and then you realize that they have not been as expected. Then the frustration discourages us and it is possible that we postpone, every time for more time, the cleaning of the windows. This carelessness makes your home, little by little, not look as good as it should. Especially when the visits come.

Although the floor, furniture, and surfaces are neat, if the windows are full of grease, dust and other types of dirt stains, the spaces look careless and unpleasant. At this point, you should start saying goodbye to those dirty glasses and apply the tricks that we discussed here.

6 quick and effective tricks to clean windows

1. Vinegar, an infallible ally

While it is true that there are many cleaners that achieve a similar effect, the action of vinegar is really effective. Also, it is not so annoying when it comes to smelling it. Unlike chemical products, which can lead to allergies due to strong odors.

clean windowsThe vinegar makes the dirt can be removed easily, in this way, we do not have to scrub hard the windows, but simply slide the cloth or newspaper through the glass. Additionally, the vinegar allows us to achieve a bright and diaphanous finish.

To clean windows in an easy and simple way, it is recommended to combine a part of white vinegar with three parts of hot water. To reduce the scent of vinegar, you can add a touch of lemon juice to the mixture. If the smell of vinegar bothers you a lot, you can also prepare the solution with five parts of water instead of three.

If you still want to opt for a commercial chemical option, we recommend that you combine them. This way you will save part of the product and it will last longer. Mix 3 tablespoons of white vinegar in two cups of water and add half a teaspoon of liquid detergent. You’ll see how effectively the stains come out.

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2. The window cleaning cloth

When it comes to cleaning cloths, the trade offers many options. But if yours is to save, then we present some other alternatives. Cleaning the windows with newspaper is the most convenient and you have at hand. It leaves no residue and allows a complete and shiny finish.

clean windowsApart from this, you can rub your glass without fear of scratching. A newspaper will leave a very thin invisible layer that will prevent your glasses from getting dirty easily.

It is very likely that in your house you already have a sponge. This is very effective to remove detergent residues. A very practical trick if you do not have any of the above is to use the coffee filters. They have almost the same versatility as a newspaper. In the same way, you will have a shiny finish without smudges or scratches.

3. Clean windows on a cloudy day

clean windowsRegardless of the climate in which you live, it is likely that there will be a cloudy day. That is the day you should take to clean your windows. If you do it on a sunny day, the sun will cause the foam of the cleaner to dry, producing unsightly marks. Not to mention that you will be exposing yourself to the sun, which makes the work more arduous.

4. Clean very dirty windows

If you spent several months without cleaning your windows, you probably have them very dirty. In this case, it is best to use a porous sponge and clean from top to bottom. This to avoid dripping water. You can use a microfiber cloth to polish the glass when it is dry. Just be careful that there is no lint on the cloth on the glass.

5. Vertical and horizontal

You have finished washing and cleaning your crystals inside and out, but you still do not like the result. There is still a stain that does not end. You check it inside and nothing, so when you look for it outside and nothing, either. This is a real nightmare but they have a solution.

clean windowsWe recommend that, when you wash your windows on both sides, clean them from side to side on the inside and make vertical movements on the outside. This will help you not to go crazy when you want to know which side a brand is on.

6. For the blinds

Since not all windows have crystals, some are blinds. These are exposed to the outside so they need cleaning too. But cleaning them is very easy. Spray them with an antiseptic spray and use a cloth to clean them. Remember to use a cloth that leaves no residue.

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