The best ways to clean a laminate floor

Nothing improves the appearance of a room more than a pristine, sparkling floor.


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One of the main advantages of laminate flooring is its ease of maintenance; however, ease of maintenance does not mean no maintenance at all. Laminate flooring will last a lot longer and look a whole lot better if it is well looked after and, most importantly, effectively cleaned.

Here we look at a few simple tips for the best ways to clean a laminate floor, which will go a long way towards preserving it and keeping it looking new.

General upkeep

Firstly, it is a good idea to give the floor a general clean on a regular basis. Even just sweeping up excess dust and spills will increase the life span of the floor and make deep cleaning that little bit easier. When sweeping, go with the direction in which the sections were laid, as this will make it possible to dislodge the dirt trapped between the joints. Be sure to use a soft brush or mop, as harder bristles can damage the floor.

Prevention is often the best approach with stains or spills that could turn sticky. Simply cleaning them up right away with a mop and some hot water will mean they are less likely to stain or damage the finish. If required, you can add some mild soap to the water for the more stubborn spills. Be sure to dry the area afterwards with a soft cloth.

Deep cleaning

When it is time for a really thorough clean, it is advisable to use a selection of floor care solutions. These come in various forms – some are spray, some require dilution with water – and are usually available from specialist flooring retailers such as Make sure you clear away any obstructions before starting. For even better results, it is a good idea to go over the floor with a soft brush vacuum cleaner before applying any cleaning products.

Floor care products will usually have precise instructions on how to mix and apply them, whether by mop and bucket or spray. Once your floor is spotless, you can apply aftercare products for an immaculate finish.

Laminate floors are easy to maintain and following these simple cleaning tips will make sure yours stay looking pristine for longer.