How to choose the best table for your computer

Computer Table

Perhaps workspace are something that interest me, or even obsessed, just me but I firmly believe that strongly influence the user experience. If you are comfortable sitting at the computer we will be more productive or just enjoy more playing, listening to music or watching multimedia content.

Therefore, for quite some time I have been worrying about having a space as optimized as possible, managing cables efficiently and testing different configurations of monitor. And as far as possible, without being a disproportionate investment, choosing a worktable suitable to my needs. So that we will talk today of how to choose the best table for our computer.

Before beginning we must clarify that this is something personal, which I hope will serve to help or inspiration for all those interested in changing your table or workspace or leisure.

Computer Table
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First key: What do using your desktop?

Choosing the most appropriate table requires us to make us some preliminary questions. I consider a key and always put first is what use we make our desk?

If when we are sitting at our computer we like to place a tray with pizza dinner we will need a large desk, right? Just kidding, or maybe not – what pizza dinner in front of the PC-, but it is important to think about what things we usually do when we are in front of the PC.

That will mark the space you need to be comfortable. Of course we have limited space of the room or office but we should adjust the maximum so that the desktop is not compromised.

For example, if we are of those who are only going to play with our PC we may not need a table with a generous background. To have room for the keyboard, mouse with your mouse and enough space to move comfortably enough.

If , however, as we study or work, we need to annotate books, check books, etc. it is highly recommended that you have a background of 75cm or more . It will allow us to place the book or notebook in front or behind the keyboard without disturbing or overwhelm.

Besides the tables with a larger fund gives us advantages to support your arms comfortably while you type. Thus improving ergonomics and avoid future hassles by poor posture. Or plenty of room to stretch your legs or put something higher.

Additionally, if we have plenty of room to have a configuration table L can help us achieve extra space in which to study, perform work or leave gadgets, books and anything else that we need but do not want to always have in front badgered.

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Dimensions and materials of the table

Okay, now that we are clear what uses we do see what options we have. As I said earlier, depending on the space we have in the room or office you can opt for a classic table or L. There is also the option U table but it is still less frequent and bet on them as take up much room.

Chosen what type of table we see how to select the dimensions. If there is no problem of dimensions in the room or office my recommendation would be to choose a width exceeding 120 cm, and with a background of 75cm or more board.

In tables so we have plenty of room to place things like books, notebooks or other portable devices such as tablets or we work or want to have on hand without bothering or overwhelm. And of course the PC, if we are not of those who like to have it on the ground, in addition to other devices (speakers, monitor or monitors, …)

In contrast, if we work only with a laptop a small table 120 x 60 cm may be sufficient . Although again, as we are going to change, if we can choose a somewhat larger table I would recommend. Because you never know what configuration we will in a few months or years.

There will also be situations in which we would like a larger desk, but is not possible. In such cases it would be best to optimize space and keep it clean of cables, etc. It really will work more comfortable.

What materials we choose for the table? Here you have that you choose to your liking. I am in favor of wood rather than glass or even metal. As a rule they are cheaper tables and you can “play” with them to adapt accessories for cable management, etc. more easily.

By the way, I speak only of board feet or base because I think they deserve we see it as an independent section. So you know, if you give yourself a tour of any furniture store or DIY sure that you find boards that you like. And watch out, do not discount any possible option as some people are even using countertops (its only downside is that the fund is only 63cm) or tables designed for the kitchen table to the computer.