Tesla turns in the exclusive production of cars 100% autonomous


Tesla has announced a new software and equipment for their next vehicles that will, this time, completely autonomous.

Until now we knew of accidents Tesla had been led by cars with the ‘Auto pilot’ feature, this is not completely autonomous but allowing the driver steering control give this software in certain circumstances.

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A technology that until now was giving him more trouble than anything else the company of Elon Musk. As much as I have explained that the autopilot reduces the workload and adds safety to human conduct, but does not replace, the truth is that some users wanted to push the boundaries of technology that was not designed for that purpose.

It is not surprising that Tesla has decided to dump its exclusive car production to 100% autonomous, divesting the ‘Auto Pilot’.

“From today, all vehicles Tesla produced in our factory, including the Model 3, will have the necessary full capacity of self-driving to a level much higher than a human driver safety hardware” can be read in his blog.

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Then Tesla describes in detail the characteristics of these vehicles that will start manufacturing, this time, completely autonomous. For it will be provided with eight cameras surround sound that will provide 360 – degree visibility around the car and up to 25 meters away.

In addition these cameras will complemented with twelve ultrasonic sensors, allowing detection of hard and soft at twice the distance of the previous system objects. A radar located at the front provide additional information about the environment, regardless of weather conditions (rain, fog, dust, etc).

All this technology will be controlled from an on board computer that says Tesla, is 40 times more potent than incorporating their old vehicles.

Equipment that ensures the company will provide a vision and knew the outer space in any case could have a human driver.