5 Body-Positive Online Workout Classes to Create a Better Relationship With Exercise

Skipping rope exercises

Are you tired of doing workouts that simply focus on losing fat, calorie burn, and weight loss? If you want to improve your relationship with exercise then that is certainly not why you should be working out.

In truth, you should exercise not to appear beautiful in the eyes of others, but to feel good about yourself on the inside and out. Exercise provides numerous advantages, including increased energy, reduced stress, and improved sleep. So, if you want to receive the advantages of exercise without feeling self-conscious about your appearance, consider these body-positive online workout sessions or you can just opt for gaming at https://www.stellarspins.live/en/.

Fat Kid Dance Party

Dance is a good way to raise your heart rate while having fun. Fat Kid Dance Party can help you celebrate your body by combining dance, aerobics, cardio, strength, chair workouts, and other activities. You can take a break and play online slots usa for some time.

Fat Kid Dance Party, founded by body-positive advocate Bevin Branlandingham, offers weekly on-demand classes, live Zoom classes, and individual Zoom sessions. She also suggests incorporating an exercise class and a self-love course with your private booking.

Roz the Diva

Roz Mays is a qualified personal trainer, pole dancing instructor, and fitness educator who believes that working out should be enjoyable and inclusive. Monthly classes, a library of fitness videos, plus-size pole dance tutorials, live mobility classes, and weekly pep speeches are all available to Patreon members.

Roz provides in-person personal training as well as online personal training via Zoom on the web platform. There is also a teacher training course with a four-section curriculum to help coaches attract non-traditional clients, such as plus-sized and LGBTQIA+ people.

Lauren Leavell Fitness

Lauren Leavall Fitness focuses on functional training suitable for your body type. On this online platform, professional fitness instructor Lauren Leavell offers a library of on-demand workout classes as well as live workout classes. Furthermore, there is a welcoming Leavell Up community where you can stay up to date on forthcoming events and more.

Explore her extensive library of videos organized by type, equipment, intensity, duration, and body focus to get a sample of the workouts available. So, whether you want to attempt an online barre class or a short small HIIT workout, there’s truly something for everyone. However, it is important to note that you need to sign up for a membership to access any of the classes.

The Underbelly

Jessamyn Stanley is arguably the best body-positive yoga instructor on the planet. Her online yoga sessions are honest and relaxing, and she welcomes all body types. Her app and online platform, The Underbelly, also has a wide range of categories, from songs that focus on the four elements to a series of yoga lessons that will teach you how to do a headstand.

There are also yoga workouts for all ability levels, from beginners to experienced yogis. The Underbelly is also accessible as a mobile app, so you can enjoy a great yoga class even when you’re not near your computer or TV.

No BS Active

No BS Active, founded by Whitney Thore and Jessica Powell, is an inclusive, body-positive exercise platform that everyone, regardless of size or fitness level, can enjoy. And the range of workouts provided by No BS Active is undoubtedly outstanding.

No BS Active has hundreds of fitness videos, ranging from upper body workouts to help you grow muscle to guided meditation sessions and deep stretching activities.

The best part is that No BS Active may be used on numerous devices. As a result, you may watch TV on your smartphone or computer while being active.

Jeffrey Bowman

Jeffrey Bowman