Does exercise affect our sex life?

Healthy Relationship

The practice of regular exercise and a habit in our way of life has many benefits in our body, both short and long term, but beyond that does exercise affect our sex life?

Stay fit and keep a healthy lifestyle is also related to our confidence, security, desire, and of course, performance in bed. Today we help you find the answer and give you the keys to improving your sex life by the exercise.

Healthy Relationship
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How do we improve sex being fit?

  • Although it may seem obvious, the feeling fit and being comfortable with your body and your physical condition will be directly related to your safety and confidence when it comes to maintain satisfactory sexual intercourse.
    The sexy feel, attractive, and thus desired, it will be the perfect motivation to get the best results when it comes to being with your partner.
  • Clara improving our cardiovascular and circulatory system. Aerobic exercise is going to bring benefits to our cardiovascular system and the movement of our body, including our blood flow to genitals, greatly facilitates our sex.
  • Benefits in men and women: Studies conducted in more than 5,500 women in an age of 40-50 years, reported clear benefits from the exercise practiced with high intensity intervals and achieved orgasm during sex.
    Del Similarly, according to the Association of Urology at Duke University Medical Center, men who exercise moderately and habitually tend to be two-thirds less likely to have sexual dysfunctions.

Exercises that favor our sex life

Exercises for flexibility: From now exercises that improve our flexibility both in back, buttocks and flexors, you may see it in a more positive way
is because besides being exercises that help us to a good recovery and expansion our range of motion, from now on we will also come great to feel comfortable without limiting our movements in any position to practice.

Cardio exercises: Do a couple of cardio sessions a week, either walking, running, swimming, etc … will be critical to our cardiovascular system and for our performance and reluctance to have sex.

Exercises to strengthen the pelvic floor: Work this area will be very important when it comes to strengthen our PC muscle (PC), responsible for the contraction during orgasm in both men and women.

Strengthening this area is going to do to get greater intensity in our orgasms and longer lasting erections. An exercise highly recommended for eta is to stop urination for 5 seconds several times a day.

Core strengthening exercises: Strengthening the whole body center is going to provide a positive effect on our sexual performance area. Work force of the abdomen, pelvis and lower back, for example, through exercises such as crunches.

On the other hand, every position requires strength in our arms, not forgetting to work superior strength through exercises and chest triceps pushups, rowing or series of weights torso.