The online company reputation and word of mouth works online


Businesses need to be clear about what your business focus. Sometimes the customer comes to them through traditional channels, recommended by an acquaintance, and knew the company, etc. Other times are reported on the Internet and this is where the online reputation of the company comes into play.

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Word of mouth works primarily on the Internet through social networking and recommendation pages. The tricky thing for the company is that often cannot control the conversation, because these entries and comments are not made ​​in the page of the company, but that doing on indications or external pages.

This is why it is interesting to search periodically to know that you are saying about us in social networks, in the main pages of our sector recommendation or specialized forums. Once detected comments then we must ensure them proper treatment.

The speakers of digital media

Then there are the influencers or those users with thousands of followers on social networking sites in their personal blog or YouTube, where one of your comment can make our business go up through the roof and have a rush of orders or bookings. They may be famous more recognizable to most people or level “Twitter”, where most people do not know that that famous face has twitters level “Save me”.

The opposite occurs when we have thousands of haters … sending bad reviews about the company. It is not the first case of a mark that is impaired or has to apologize, often for unfortunate remark on social networks or simply a joke that is not understood as it should.

And all this we must add the amplification of instant messaging on smartphones. Just a screenshot for that soon something would not leave social networks becomes viral, reaching users who do not even know what Twitter. Word of mouth digital today can have an impact that the company cannot ignore.

It is a part of your customer relations, instead of being personally have to be digital, but also must be close. Social media, referral pages, etc. They not have to be different in real life. Also we will find friendly people, very grateful customers, but others just a few, really unhappy. We cannot let these few are the spokespersons or those forming the digital reputation of the company. We must act to modulate the message properly.