The millennials in the company and its use of technology, you really are an advantage?


The generation of millennials is reaching companies. It is a group of workers who are digital natives, so they come with a high technological profile, sometimes have higher than middle management or supervisors. At the same time they have to work with tools in the company often obsolete which can lead to frustration. Therefore the incorporation of the company millennials and their use of technology is one of the challenges they face.

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But first we have to take a break, because there are rare exceptions that do not even know how to create a shortcut on the desktop. Maybe in the recreational use of computer or smartphone, but not as a work environment. In any case, the ideal is that the company takes this good relationship to be a support for all other employees of the company.

The millennials may be key to leveraging technology in business

A few years ago the company was the opportunity to access technology that was not available to employees. This has changed in recent times and today in many companies working with older technology or worse than you can handle any work at home. The personal mobile phone is usually better than the company offers.

This is something that can cause some frustration among millennials, knowing you can improve productivity, certain tasks can be conducted more quickly and easily, but they are stuck in the past , often because of the need to use programs were implemented for years, others simply because they see the need to switch to a new tool.

At the same time they have to adapt to the use of a new application or tool in the company cannot start like that. We cannot create a hard disk in the cloud and upload data files and skip the LOPD, carrying personal data files and doing an inadequate treatment of them.

To this we have to add the arrival of BYOD, where the use of personal tools in the field of business can be very beneficial for both, but both must be well collected the employment relationship, the rights and obligations of both or where the data is saved, if the company team or staff.

And when the millennials can has adapted and understands how to work within the company’s technology, will finally go to another organization, since mobility is one of the characteristics of these workers, who have no problems in changing company, and improve their expectations. That represents a problem for companies regarding the investment made ​​in training these workers.

The truth is that the generational change has to occur in companies. Each new generation thinks they can do better than the previous things, but sometimes come to understand why certain decisions have been taken in the past help you make the right in the future.