What not to wear: wedding dresses

Getting the wedding gown right is up there with the perfect venue and menu for most brides. Every girl dreams of getting married in a beautiful dress; however, unfortunately for some, mistakes do happen and they end up regretting their gown decision. Read on for some timeless rules about getting the dress right by familiarising yourself with what not to wear!

What not to wear

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A trendy shape

Avoid trendy cuts and opt for something classic. Classic shapes tend to be the simple mermaid, A-line or ball gown shapes, which not only flatter a range of body shapes but also look good in photos five, 10 or even 50 years later. Current trends include the asymmetrical high-low gowns or ombre dresses, which may seem edgy right now but will look terribly dated in pictures in a rapid amount of time. If you don’t believe that anything that is currently trendy could ever look bad, look back to pictures of 80s weddings to confirm our assertion!

An edgy colour

Everyone wants to make a statement, but moving away from white or cream is almost always a mistake. Pink, blue, red, black – they have all been tried and they are almost always regretted. When she wed Matthew Broderick, style icon Sarah Jessica Parker wore a black gown – something she has publicly admitted to regretting. She says she should have worn a beautiful traditional white gown.

The best wedding photos feature a bride in a white dress – just look through the portfolio of pictures by top London or Bournemouth wedding photographers to see why white works. Professionals such as Bournemouth wedding photographer Nick Rutter boast a host of examples of wonderful white wedding dresses.

Don’t be a princess

You might want to feel like a princess when your London or Bournemouth wedding photographer starts snapping away, but you need to stop at some elements to prevent you looking like a child in dressing up clothes. Kate Middleton got away with a long train because she actually is a princess, but for you it could look gaudy and be a massive pain when you need the bathroom! Other princess elements to avoid include puffy shoulders, huge ball gown skirts and over-blinged tiaras.

To find the perfect dress, avoid being to edgy, too princessy and generally straying too far from traditional and timeless gowns.