Making the Right Statement with Stubble

Stubble need not be a sign that you did not have time to shave in the morning; when handled well, it can be a finely tuned facial feature that enhances your overall look and leaves others impressed with your fashion prowess.

Making the Right Statement with Stubble

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But what does stubble say about you, and are there any grooming techniques you should embrace to get the best results if you want to avoid going for a full beard?

All Grown-Up

Stubble is a subtly masculine facial feature to foster, helping to enhance the curves and angles of your face in a way that gives added definition. And of course by sticking to a stubbled appearance without growing your facial hair any longer, you can look neat and tidy even if your growth is that little bit patchier than you might like.

Stubble can be maintained with beard shampoo from outlets such as Henry Tibbs, making it softer and adding a fragrance in one fell swoop. This will appeal to prospective partners, both as an aesthetically attractive addition to your face or if a few kisses are on the cards.

Stubble is also about making you look more mature. From Leonardo Di Caprio to Chris Hemsworth, a bit of stubble can enhance even the most boyish of faces.

Conversely, stubble can also act as a good way of disguising the signs of ageing, from a sagging jaw line to unsightly wrinkles. Just look at George Clooney and Hugh Jackman for evidence of this.

Sensible Maintenance Steps

Maintaining stubble is necessary because, as with a full beard, it can lead to dryer skin if you do not do something to condition it.

Beard oil will work just as well for those who are cultivating a lighter smattering of designer stubble; just remember that you will only need the tiniest amount to achieve the desired effect, as overdoing it with this type of substance can cause problems.

You will also want to invest in dedicated trimming tools which will let you keep your stubble at the appropriate length day after day while also letting you manage the edges appropriately and trim errant hairs. Companies such as BaByliss offer electric trimmers that are worth considering; just remember not to get too bogged down in creating a perfect look, as a little ruggedness can go a long way.