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Items you should never flush down your drain

We are incredibly lucky in the west to have very sophisticated drainage systems that take away all of our wastewater. It is one of the reasons that diseases such as typhoid and cholera are virtually unheard of in western society. These diseases spread through water supplies, and with the hygiene control that we have in place, we can help to reduce these risks dramatically. When problems occur with our drains and sewers, it is possible to have them repaired very quickly, especially with the help of Drain Lining Berkshire companies like who can repair entire sections of drains without having to dig up the roads on a large scale.

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There are lots of ways that we can help keep our drains running smoothly, and one of the best ways is to prevent damage from occurring in the first place. Here are some of the items that you want to avoid flushing down your sink or your toilet.

Sanitary products – these are designed to absorb liquids, and they grow in size when they take liquids on board. This makes them a nightmare to remove from drains and water pipes. They will often get stuck in the u-bend of toilets and then tend to form a mass in the sewers. The same goes for nappies. Both of these products contain human liquids and waste, and this can start to ferment. As the products are not broken down in the water, they can sit and start to produce a gas. This gas can build up to high levels and cause manhole covers to blow.

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Oil – if you have ever heard of a fatberg, you will be well aware that fat is a nightmare for sinks and drains. It sits, and as it cools in the pipes, it congeals and forms balls. These balls will also contain any food or hair that has also found its way down the plughole. These fatbergs become incredibly difficult to remove with sink unblockers, and they can prevent liquid from flowing through the system as it should.

Hair – we have all been in that situation when your shower plug is no longer flowing, and after removing the plug cap, you notice a mass of hair clogging the pipe. This is made even worse when the hair is mixed with sticky substances such as shampoo and conditioner, as it can form a complete block in the system. Use a plug trap to help prevent this from happening.

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