Protecting an Equine Investment

From the initial purchase to the maintenance of the animal’s health and well-being, owning a horse is a significant financial responsibility. However, those making such an investmment may purchase insurance to safeguard their investment; while selecting the right policy for a recently acquired horse may require a bit of research, the protection it offers is well worth the effort.

Types of Equine Insurance

Horse owners should have a clear and unbiased understanding of the different types of insurance available to them. For instance, mortality horse insurance protects the value of the animal in case of its accidental or natural demise, while insurance for loss of use offers owners a percentage of the horse’s total value should it no longer be able to perform in the areas described in the policy.

Medical and Surgical Insurance

Providing insurance for a horse’s routine medical or emergancy surgical care is a responsible decision that many owners choose to explore. Similar to ensuring that family members are covered for typical or unanticipated healthcare costs, medical and surgical insurance for a horse is a great way to avoid going into debt if something happens to the animal.

Because many horse owners feel like they cannot afford a policy that covers both medical and surigical care, they often choose one or the other. Should this decsion become necessary, some experts recommend selecting surgical insurance, which will be vital in case of a broken leg or another serious injury or condition. Veterinarian bills for horse care tend to far exceed those for other animals, such as cats or dogs, making it important to plan ahead for treatment in perilous situations.

Fully Explore Insurance Options

There are a variety of different policies to cover the health, life and continued use of a horse, but it is vital to fully understand exlusions before committing to any particular plan. Similarly, using a familiar company or agent to purchase insurance for the protection of an expenssive or moderately priced horse may make the experience go smoothly.