You can combat private smartphone use at work?

One of the main problems of some companies is to avoid distractions for employees. Traditionally these have been linked to foreign elements should make use of tools outside the same job for personal reasons. The e – mail, Internet or smartphone are some of the enemies of productivity in the company.

As regards corporate tools it is easy to keep under control the use by employees. This may serve to email and the Internet. But the real problem today is on the staff smartphone employees. Phone use throughout the working day is a constant interruption of tasks and concentration problems.

you-can-combat-private-smartphone-use-at-workThis is very difficult to implement remedial action. The fundamental thing is to measure employee productivity using criteria that have nothing to do with the length of the workday. As recently talked about the presentment as one of the enemies of productivity, this same culture is what drives companies to measure performance based on hours worked.

The constant interruptions that are supposed to have the phone on the table, even when it comes to the smartphone of the company, is a problem in maintaining a rhythm of work and concentration on a task. The worker gives an importance to smartphone notifications that do not actually have.

You may also have to do with that in many companies is frowned receive personal calls. It is better to receive a call to fix something urgent or unforeseen, which have 80 messages consecutively to finish agreeing that going to do after work.

In this way an employee can spend eight hours of work looking at social networks, chatting with friends, etc. from your own phone. You may even stay longer hours that forces their journey, the end of the day, the constant interruptions from the phone pose a problem in completing the tasks assigned in their work.

The only way to stop these practices is to establish criteria for measuring productivity that have nothing to do with the hours worked. On the other hand this is a change of culture in many companies, leaving a vague consider the employee who finishes his work on time and goes home.