This is the technology needed to move from Autopilot to autonomous driving in Tesla Motors: Hardware 2


The mystery has already been unveiled; Tesla Motors what promises is that all cars have the necessary technology for autonomous driving. It is something that has to be so for all models in 2018, and that includes the smallest of the house, the expected Model 3.

Of cars sold today, both Model S and Model X will be equipped with the necessary hardware to reach the 5th level of autonomy, the highest in the established categories, a few steps beyond the controversial “Autopilot”. Actually, they have to stop at level 4, as these cars can circulate without driver action, but must still be there present.

The 360-degree view with Tesla vehicles is spectacular today, and along with the other positioning aids can circulate a driver less car, in true Google style.

Image Source: Google Image

Hardware 2 and Nvidia Tesla thing

Eight cameras make the new equipment they have to have these cars – roughly -, a new brain that is forty times more powerful than the current generation – thing Nvidia – a radar twelve ultrasonic sensors, and obviously new software they take.

The new hardware doubles the range of action, leading to another level Autopilot and solving small problems found in version 8.0

This intelligent vision is no longer working together with Mobileye; it is a self – developed software and hardware by Tesla Motors, supported by the Nvidia CUDA technology, possibly running on DRIVE solutions.

This package makes the Tesla completely autonomous vehicles, a difference with previous models that Elon Musk has decided to call “Hardware 2”.

With “Hardware 1” we are referring to cars that ‘simply’ Autopilot stayed at the top level. Since Tesla we have an updated Hardware 1 will have better performance in the first two months of the submission, while Hardware 2 keeps up a learning system will need more time to improving and beating his older brother. That is expected to happen in December.

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It’s funny how Tesla Motors will establish levels of autonomy, as it does with batteries. With the current models will be a way to access 4 of 8 cameras called Autopilot Enhanced, and cost $5000 at the time of purchase, or you will pay $6000 if we install a posterior. Full mode comes later by a figure close to $8000.

That Autopilot Enhanced for Model S and X is an improved version taking advantage of the new hardware: speed adjustment depending on traffic, keep or change lanes, transitions between different types of roads, or automatic parking.

Eight eyes control the vehicle environment

Tesla has tried to integrate cameras into the car as good as possible, as you can see in the pictures. The rear view and side in the front were already before, but the side in the central pillar, are new. Each has a heating system to solve possible problems with the ice and snow.

The front camera will be in charge of seeing vehicles unexpectedly getting into the lane, while the front-side up the security level at intersections. The new side helps with blind spots and gets that lane changes safer.

To recapitulate, the new hardware recognition is made:

  • 8 cameras that control the 360 degrees of the vehicle, capable of reaching up to 250 meters
  • 12 ultrasonic sensors that complement the vision, allowing to detect elements with dual range than the previous system
  • A front radar that provides additional information, which does not mind the rain, fog, or even the car in front