solar car

Does the solar car is possible? Hanergy want to get in three years and presents four impressive concepts

We are open to us to propose all types of propulsion systems and energy for our vehicles to move, especially if we can leave behind fossil fuels. But then to see a utilitarian function with energy from the sun, I think we’ll have to wait quite.

It seems clear that some have here is way to go beyond demonstrations circuit with vehicles attempting to break records for autonomy or speed. This has made the Chinese company hanergy Holding Group has presented four futuristic concepts in Beijing, they all rely significantly on the sun for energy to move.

The concepts have been baptized as Solar R, Solar O, Solar A, and Solar L. Three of them were to be seen in operation in prototype form, and thanks to the video that we share below, can know what the concept, and the futuristic design of them.

solar car
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What we have tried to create different cars, for us to understand that the same thing might make a sports car, to give the green light to a utility small. All share an area created based on solar panels, which is obviously not equal in size, to go hand in hand the design of each vehicle.

It is not the first time we see him, at another level, the Nissan Leaf or the new Prius have solar panels. His sense here is to give power to auxiliary equipment such as radio or climate control.

It is very striking is the fact leverage to expand the parking area of solar panels, and so achieve greater capacity while we are at a standstill. These panels are able to generate between 8 and 10 kWh of electricity in about six hours of sun exposure, which would become a range of about 80 kilometers.

Electric cars with solar panels

A system of batteries needed to power cars – from 35 to 44 kWh – which ultimately are electric vehicles, with large panels carrying their batteries. Hanergy tells us that there is always the option of charging lithium batteries at a station – something that would be common with the pollution that is in Beijing, achieving a range of 354 kilometers (combining the most of both systems).

The technology used by hanergy to move these cars is based on AnyLight, American Alta Devices, which he bought in 2014. His work is not thought fully “solar” cars, rather in a way to extend and load range thereof.

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Another feature of its design is the ability to feed different engines with different plates: with which it has on the hood gives life to the front wheels, while with the roof panels, the system is powered rear axle.

While entering some advertising concepts, we like to see things like that there is a mobile application from which we can track the status of battery charging. A new cleaning system for the panels based on ultrasound is also introduced.

A lot of smoke? Well I would not know what to say, hanergy says that in three years will have some of these turned into something real, traveling on Chinese roads concepts. The upcoming Beijing Motor Show – Spring – test vehicles will be.

For now it makes it clear that the technology is ready to go into production, and signed an agreement with Beiqi Foton Motor to build buses with solar panels. On the downside, financial problems years ago, and delay of these concepts on different occasions. For more reviews click hereĀ