The Nissan GT-R NISMO no longer costs the same

It is a game of very bad words, but I could not avoid doing so at the price that will have the Nissan GT-R NISMO, the top – end version of the Japanese supercar. If we remember together, you will remember that one of the main arguments of the Nissan GT-R against its rivals was the price that was competitive.

The first Nissan GT-R we tested did not exceed 100,000 dollars price eight years ago, but with each of the updates and updated that has been received, the price was up almost at the same popularity. Perhaps that is why the Nissan GT-R Nismo no cost costs the same as that first GT-R, but almost double.

the-nissan-gt-r-nismo-no-longer-costs-the-sameBecause today the Japanese brand has announced the price will this beast com engine 3.8 – liter V6 and 600 hp TwinTurbo (30 hp more than the GT-R core) and a sportier set-point if possible. It costs 185,000 dollars and is now available in major markets, including ours.

The Nismo addition to that extra power, takes things like shock absorbers Bilstein DampTronic adjustable, hundreds of details in carbon fiber around her body to improve its downforce, tires RAYS 6 ultralight spoke aluminum forged exclusive to this model and details like redesigned front grille to improve engine cooling.

In addition to choice are the type seats backet V-SPEC Recaro carbon fiber that reduce the overall weight of 16.6 kg and the tailgate also carbon to lighten the whole as possible.

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A price in line with its direct competitors

If I have to choose two rivals for the Nissan GT-R Nismo among all cars sold, these would be the Porsche 911 GT3 and the BMW M4 GTS. The first because it is sold in series and is not a limited edition as the GT3 RS. The second approach because it is one of the few cars on the market today that dares to run on the street with a tuning circuit 100%.

A Porsche 911 GT3 in costs 157 857 dollars, while the cost GT3 RS (until all production is sold out) 208 509 dollars. Meanwhile the BMW M4 GTS sells for 166,900 dollars. If we consider the advertised price of 185,000 dollars, the Nissan GT-R is slightly above these two contenders, but halfway between what it would cost GT3 RS.

That all sounds relatively well, but we must consider whether the price is justified almost double that of a Nissan GT-R base that today costs 108,050 dollars. A little more power, thousands of details in carbon fiber and making sportier specific point may not be enough to pay for the most affordable supercar the same or more than by a Porsche as capable and details much more care.