The flip side of the relationship


‘You really do not mind that? – He said.

-Do not. Seriously, come on. – She said.

This situation was recorded as positive and resolute in the book of the official accounts of the relationship of Nadia and Sergio.

A few days later, Nadia was taking something with us and told us something different.

I’m tired of doing so much for him and he does nothing or almost nothing for me.

She recorded in its accounting B that situation was somewhat negative and was not resolved and placed in the MUST.

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On the one hand were the official accounting that was where they, as a couple, they said to each other as they saw the relationship and valued the different situations that were going on. Its official has represented a balanced and positive results indicating that all was well. But in the B accounts of Nadia, the one that never comes to light but showing the reality on the balance of the couple, the results were very different.

He believed that Sergio owed him something because she did not want things for love. He thought that in relationships, sometimes, she had to give and others had to do it the same way.

Okay, I told him that everything was perfect, but it was clear that was not true and I ended up saying yes for him.But it seems that not notice anything.

She felt that it was more effort and more “sacrifices” he loves it dramatization- Sergio. He told us that he never did anything he did not want and that she was more involved than he in their relationship.

This of course would never say to Sergio. If he ever asked you to do something and she did not want to have a discussion. But not further discuss and shut Sergio said yes, that nothing was wrong and the official account recorded as everything was correct.

But Nadia actually recorded what MUST fire inside in his notebook accounting B.

The funny thing is that she wanted to whiten your account and that is more like the official where it is assumed that everything was ideal and balanced. For this to happen Sergio needed to do something for her, but had to be something he would not do, if it was something I did for fun was not worth. Only in this way gradually she whitens your account.

This submerged accounting exploded in times of crisis. Both lived a delicate moment that could not stand and discussions were daily by the most absurd subjects.

In the middle of hot flushes, one of their discussions, Nadia brought out his book B accounting for Sergio shut him one stroke and win.

It seemed he was ready and counterattacked taking his own book B accounting was more or less as fat than Nadi to. It also had very high numbers in the MUST and very few on the side force to settle the debts.

It was not clear who was who. Both had a very different accounts to which had been counting each other. His official account was false and did not reflect at all the reality of what was between them. Their accounts B records had a lot of grudges and frustrations they hoped someday be rewarded for your partner because it was what they had to do and they owed.

Throughout their relationship none would tell what he felt. They endured until the bubble that was growing more and more inside, he exploded destroying everything they had built during that time.

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Nadia was surprised. Sergio started saying things he had done for her unwillingly but had been registered in the official accounts as otherwise.

Why did not you say? How you wanted to know? You said you did not care. -She said.

I’m the same I say, What is this all about? That was long ago and it is assumed that everything was fine. -He said.

True, in the official accounts he had been some situations that made it clear that they did for your partner. But those same facts reflected many higher values in their respective accounts B.

They demanded satisfaction and none would give it to another. They were months as well, bringing out all their grudges, but despite arguing over not want to leave because they said they wanted.

They thought that a couple was based on sacrifice and love is shown doing something you do not want.

They believed that love could with everything and were able to give up doing things they wanted or otherwise do things they did not want to be in “harmony” although it was a false harmony- with your partner. Which has already been seen that is not enough, love is just a feeling and that may or may not things are the people who make up the relationship.

Say you do not care when you do care, does not benefit the relationship but that will gradually destroying.

Nadia and Sergio could get to live in ruins for years. But luckily for them they ended up breaking. Nadia told me he had learned the lesson and that next time would go ahead.

I found her one day with her new guy and from the outside looked like they were right. Although goodbye I thought I saw that each had a new notebook under his arm. I hope this time will not explode too late.