Seven things you miss in cars before


Over the years, cars have been complicated exponentially. New technologies, increasingly complex and advanced day, have enabled a brutal evolution over the past decades, all spiced with increasingly stringent regulations require manufacturers to take care of their products and more than ever before and set goals that arose.

Of course most of the advances in the automotive world have come to stay, and are more than positive, but leave a factor of longing that makes us miss certain things from cars “lifelong”, by its simplicity, the charm that had or simply because it is now much more complicated to deal with a breakdown.

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Currently all automakers seek to achieve the maximum lightness in their vehicles, by expensive production processes or the use of lightweight materials, but the fact is that cars each day heavier, due to technology and the huge amount of equipment that They incorporate, even in lower segments where historically or contemplated equip anything beyond a simple air conditioning.

In addition, it does not go so far back in time (just twenty years) to find “pellets” that despite its low power, weighed so little that allowed for driving enjoyment that is now difficult to replicate. Cars playful, fun and, above all, a stunning simplicity. Of course, we must recognize that for ordinary mortals are much too easy a modern car and, fortunately, are much safer, of course.

Simple mechanical

The engines have never been as complex as today. Much of the blame has electronics that although it is an important and necessary step in the world in which we live, it is also a source of major problems, since it is most likely to fail at some point. Where was the mechanic of people, of life? Well relegated to maintenance, because what is said meter cannot get much hand.

Or change a light bulb…

In fact, before everyone she was wearing in the car (by law) your box of spare bulbs. What a bulb melted? For neither short nor lazy, looking for the bulb in question and the cambia as yourself, just hands you were. Now, there are cars in which to change a light bulb must be removed almost the entire front. Outcome? At the workshop, or yes.

Manual gearboxes

It is true that there are still many manual gearboxes on our roads, and will for a while, but the trend is clear: the auto market demand. In addition, with increasing speeds. Seven? Seven sounds and to laugh and can have nine, ten, eleven … Gone are those manual gearbox or four – speedway you sold the fifth speed as the advancement of the century.

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Perhaps in a small utility to set aside a manual gearbox is not a big sacrifice, but when a Porsche 911 GT3 RS, no matter how good your PDK, does not offer a manual gearbox … And the same goes for Ferrari, Lamborghini, Audi, BMW, Mercedes-AMG and company. You should no longer go out or to invest in development account manual changes. In addition, people want automatic, you look where you look.

A key truth

Access systems and keyless start are the order of the day. No manufacturer that does not offer a tidbit key-shaped (but neither is key) or a card to open and close our car. What’s next? Start up at using fingerprint or iris recognition? Well we prefer always the key, really. Although the remote control so were we.

Concealable lamps

They could like it or not, but that headlights that hide in the hood is a hoot. There were many models, especially in the nineties, opted for this type of optics. Today no longer seen, since they are not even legal. Advantage? For beyond the purely aesthetic, few, really. However … and who succeed?

Spare wheel

Finally, something that when you have a real problem seriously missing. The reparations kit is fine, but when you come across a “wound” of important dimensions, are useless. In addition, there you are, lying in a ditch waiting for the crane, because you cannot do more. Where there is a spare wheel (yes, that steals site in the trunk, yes), everything else is removed.