How to improve the speed of your Wi-Fi setting on the router channels

Wi-Fi setting

Are you at home and sometimes notes that the internet connection through Wi-Fi presents problems and is too slow? It may be due to a network failure by the operator providing the service you or that the problem lies in your house, more exactly on your W-Fi router.

If your case is the latter, you can solve most of the problems that occur with only control parameters present in the router and can be configured to improve performance.

Find and select the most appropriate channels

It is known that channel are connected and how free or switch to one that is less saturated so that our connection go faster.

Wi-Fi setting
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The channels correspond with the bands between 2.4 GHz, 3.6 GHz, and 5 GHz using our devices for rebroadcasting. These channels are separated by a minimum frequency of 5 MHz and can support each different Wi-Fi networks, usually those of our neighbors. Thus some channels, some frequencies can be saturated by the overlap with the different networks around so our we have to find another that is less collapsed.

We can control the various channels Wi-Fi via applications for both PC and Mac on our computers or in mobile platforms such as iOS or Android. This is watch channels that are available and the corresponding networks that occupy less saturated to choose the channel. In this case, we have used WiFi Explorer for Mac.

Once we detected the channel with less saturation, it is configure your router for our network to work on that channel. In fact, in tests conducted most of the networks operate in channels ranging between 2.4 GHz and 3.6 GHz, which makes it a very interesting option, is to opt for our router operates in the frequency of 5 GHz if compatible.

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Configuring the router

Then comes time to access your browser and open the address in order to access the configuration of our router. After entering your username and password we must seek paragraph “Wireless” (may vary its location depending on the brand of your router) and within it we look for the option “Channel or Channel” in which we will click to select the channel number we want to connect. After these steps only, have to reset the router and start working on the set frequency.

One way to solve the problems with our network and if that still is not enough can always opt for other alternatives like using a repeater signal, a PLC or router switch to a more powerful one.