Lenovo records your physical activity directly from the shoes, there are plenty of lights or wireless charging


In addition to devices with flexible displays and Tango phones that are capable of recording the environment in which we move Lenovo has taken its technology event in San Francisco a sneaker with a lot of technology. Responds to name YAOFAT F2.

It was rare that there were some wearable in a presentation that wanted to teach final products, but also things that are developing, and this time it is the turn to footwear. Developed by the specialist in the field Vibram, the technological part puts Intel with its tiny circuitry Curie (also puts pressure sensors, accelerometers and gyroscope).

Image Source: Google Image

The three companies have spent more than a year working on this project can now be presented as final prototype, and is concerned that the leaders decide if you want to sell or not. So far, in China they have alreasdy set up a website with more information about the model.

As expected what YAOFAT F2 provides a system for collecting physical activity: count steps and calories burned tell. The only relevant that have been left out is a heart rate sensor. You may know them from all angles in the following video:

The design as you can see is that of a sneaker with little fabric, designed to walk rather than to make a marathon with them. Made in two colors – red and white – everything seems quite discreet ancient until the LED lights that are in the sole.

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It is strange talk of autonomy in footwear, but the device has batteries – 300 mAh – to give life to their functionality, and most curious, can be charged wirelessly thanks to support Qi created for the occasion. YAOFAT autonomy F2 is about ten days, using the monitoring activities of the shoes for ten hours a day.

Obviously none of this would make sense if we had a place to go to see reports on activities, and that is none other than our mobile phone – have Bluetooth 4.1 -. Take the opportunity to give a social touch the issue, automating the sharing of data networks, or even we propose to use the shoes as a control method in a game (Dance Dance Revolution).