5 tips for a healthy couple relationship

Love is a feeling, but not effortless and commitment. Love wants action, intention and openness survives because a couple’s relationship. Do not just try something, you have to live love, not take it for granted and do not expect that is sufficient to keep afloat a report.

For a long time we have heard about the metaphor of love like a flower that needs to be regularly watered in order to survive and grow. It’s a cliché, but it serves to explain a very important concept. If so watered a plant, this will drown, or if the watering is the wrong way, the plant will suffer.

If you do not care watering yourself, what the criteria? That’s where we want to get there: you cannot love another person without loving yourself first, you cannot expect from others what you do not first give to yourself.

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Tips for a healthy couple relationship

This is the first key advice to keep alive a relationship in a healthy way by respecting each other consciously. We all like to know to be necessary and useful, that our partners understand what we do and that values and respects our decisions.

If in a couple there is mutual respect between partners, if you do not reaffirm the beliefs and values of each, then you will lose the goal, the complicity and enthusiasm. Sometimes it is not easy to escape the influences coming from the outside, the judgments of those who, from the outside, you see the situation from another point of view.

The understanding, appreciation and support for partners in your needs and life goals are one more way to show respect and to make him feel loved. For this reason, ask frequently of its objectives, its progress, its fears.

Give priority to intimacy

Physical affection is essential in a relationship. Physical intimacy is a way to express themselves, evidence of complicity, and a way to give and get security.

The intimacy strengthens pair bonds, but also helps to maintain healthy self-esteem. It is not just about sexuality, but also other displays of affection and passion, like kisses, hugs, caresses and sensual words…

At this point, we cannot forget the importance of emotional intimacy. The sex itself, in fact, you can do it with anyone. Only if there is emotional intimacy, then the physical intimacy in couples, sex becomes an anchor to rely on to maintain a healthy relationship.

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Everyone must keep their life

Sharing life with your partner is the basis for a relationship. However, if each of the two members keeps their personal space of independence you can carry on a healthy relationship. Everyone has their own individual needs and can evolve in different ways.

Keep a personal and private space, open up new possibilities to explore freely or change certain habits are all elements that are part of the freedom of each of us and it is good to respect in others. What’s more, encourage your partner to do so, does not depend on you not to make you dependent.

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Communicate instead of complaining

One of the side effects of married couples is the way we express our disagreement with complaints and bad ways, making our own the popular saying, “too much confidence breeds contempt.” This way you do, however, does not bring positive results. An attitude like that something breaks in the report and an opening that is becoming bigger; it becomes more and more evil.

In order to keep healthy a relationship, you have to communicate, to talk about things, advancing constructive criticism without irony or sarcasm, showing respect and desire to find a solution together. Throwing fuel on the fire can sometimes be rewarding at first, but eventually wins the fire, which always spreads more and eventually leaves nothing but ashes.

Do you accept your partner for what it is?

Trying to change someone is a losing battle. If you love someone, you have to accept it as it is, for what it is now and not expect that sooner or later will become another person just for the fact that he loves you. The security we all seek in a relationship comes from the fact of knowing that the other loves us for who we are, accepting our shortcomings and is aware of our limitations.

Knowing that someone loves us as we are makes us feel able to bring out the best of us to be what others want us to be. For this reason, it is so important to know your partner and let us know, showing our true nature.

Do not try to force the other to go your own way, to evolve with you. Let it be free to decide. If you believe that I can improve, then do not force it, give him the right inspiration with your attitude and your way of doing things, still show respect, without invading your personal space or allowing invade yours.