The fundamental respect in romantic relationships

Romantic Relationship

Attraction, generosity, chemistry and many more attributes can be very important for the stability of a couple. However, there is one that is essential, you cannot miss even one day in a relationship with another person. Respect and though there are obvious signs of disrespect between two persons, such as physical and verbal aggression, there are certain signs that although subtle, show that between these two people lack respect and understanding. We list the most important, then. 

Romantic Relationship
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1- Criticize their appearance: While many may believe that it is a frivolous issue, criticizing the appearance of another person can be very painful, worse if the critic is precisely the person we love. Be very careful when suggesting changes to your partner because you can feel deeply hurt, hurt and slighted.

2- Mock his way of thinking: Criticizing religion or philosophy of life that follow another person is absolutely disrespectful and rude. If you do not share the thought of life of your partner, do not make fun of it or try to change it, because you will be infringing their freedom and individuality as a person.

3- Despise your tastes: When you share a lot of time with a person, chances are you do not like some of your preferences. It is common to find couples who cannot stand the music, hobbies  or how to dress your partner, but that does not despise or they offend. Remember that your husband or boyfriend is a unique being who deserves respect for his own world.

4- Name calling: Although it is common for a couple to name-calling, some, instead of loving, can turn completely offensive and uncomfortable wear. Be careful with the way you treat your partner can offend even if it is not your intention.

5- Failure: Being late for appointments repeatedly not comply with the agreements of coexistence within the relationship and promising changes that do not mean that we will be totally lost respect for the other. Communication is key to preventing this practice runs with a relationship.

6- Tell their secrets: When there is trust between two people, it is very likely that one will end up knowing the other’s deepest secrets. If your partner has entrusted you with something, do not divulge, because you will be destroying trust the other has placed in you.

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7- Lying: Telling lies is playing with the intelligence of a person. The truth must be above everything in a relationship, and then lie can kill trust between two people.

8- Making fun of the other in public: Making jokes or make fun of each other’s faults in front of others is often a serious lack of respect in a partner. Although it may seem fun, an offensive remark to the person with whom you share your life can be humiliating and rude and end the harmony in your relationship.

9- Check their stuff: Although many men and women do and so warrant. Review the wallet, cases, clothes, cell phone and other correspondence is a clear sign of disrespect and lack of confidence in the other avoids meddling in things from your partner, otherwise you will be violating their privacy and space.

10- Belittle your lifestyle: The mock job or profession you have chosen your partner, you will be putting in a haughty and superior place that can only lead to disrespect. Encourages your partner to be a better person every day, avoiding hurtful phrases that can disorient or discourage him in his way of life. visit here to know more like this stuff.