Wedding Anniversary

Silver wedding, golden … Every anniversary has its name and its value what are you going to give?

Traditionally we know the most famous, ten, twenty, fifty and seventy-five! Actually anniversaries of one of the most magical day of your life there are as many as passing years. A special occasion to celebrate, remember that time and make you a very special gift.

Wedding anniversaries are a tradition celebrated since the Middle Ages and each carries a special name. Want to know how many there are, what they are called and what gifts you are stuck?

Wedding Anniversary
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The first ten anniversaries

During the first year we can celebrate the paper anniversary, to be followed by the order of Cotton, that of leather, that of Lino, that of wood, iron, wool, bronze and clay.

In these early years tradition dictates giving a practical whim as, for example, the latest technology, but also stationery or leather craft. Although for us a book never fails.

The tenth anniversary to count almost twenty years together

You celebrate ten years together is known as the Anniversary of aluminum and this is followed by that of steel, that of Seda, that of Lace, that of Ivory, Crystal, that of Ivy, that of wallflower, that of Quartz and the nineteenth corresponds to anniversary Honeysuckle.

Ten years together a gift that will keep forever as a quality garment and deserve that form forever part of our wardrobe or a supplement so that they can inherit our children.

Entering the third decade

Twenty years together known as the Anniversary of China. Twenty is the Oak and follow the on Copper, Water, Granite, that of silver, that of Rosas, Azabache, Amber and Garnet.

In this decade we find one of the most important anniversaries, Silver. And the ideal time to invest in a good piece of jewelry made with this material or a piece of jewelry unique and different in some smaller and unknown brand.

The thirty onwards

Thirty years together celebrated the anniversary of Pearl. To that followed Ebony, Copper, Tin, Poppy, Coral, Flint, Stone, Jade and Agate. Tradition dictates that this is the ideal time to invest in diamonds decade.

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Ruby anniversary half a century together

Forty years is a long and Anniversary Ruby, happen that of Topacio, that of Jasper, Opal, Turquoise, Sapphire, Mother of Pearl, Amethyst, Feldspar and of Zircon. With so many precious stones, one per year, choose the perfect gift does not seem very difficult.

A milestone: the golden anniversary

It is one of the most popular and occasion really special to renew votes or, why not?, throw the house through the window.

The anniversary of Esmeralda

From now tradition dictates that anniversaries are celebrated fives. And maybe that’s become a much more special occasion. In this case, it may be the perfect time to honor his name.

Diamond anniversary

Six decades together is more than enough to do something very special reason. And it is that as the years pass, the metal or the object of celebration is trading up to the diamond, the most valued gemstone. But this may well be the occasion to do something even more experiential, like a trip around the world.

Anniversary Platinum, Titanium and Diamond

Anniversaries are corresponding to sixty-five, seventy and seventy-five years together. Something that not everyone can aspire, a record and a joy. The best way to celebrate? Organizing the party of your life.

Milestones to achieve

Science advances every day and it is likely that in the future there are couples who celebrate their anniversary Oak, that of marble, that of Granite, that of Onyx or even a hundred years together with an Anniversary Bone.