The Great Cake-Off: Why Wedding Cake Designers Really Add Value

For all the modernisation of contemporary weddings, the wedding cake remains a tradition that most couples adhere to. It’s not difficult to see why. A beautiful, standout showpiece cake can provide a wonderful centrepiece for a room, creating an atmosphere of abundance and celebration. It is the perfect way to finish a sumptuous dinner or even serve in a more modern way with tea, coffee and cocktails at the reception!

The Great Cake-Off

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Now more than ever, a well-designed wedding cake can be a reflection of you and your partner’s taste and personal style. The BBC reported when a slice of the Queen’s wedding cake went up for auction! Wedding cakes are always seen as personal and significant.

Plan Ahead

With so many additional details to plan for, from the venue and guest list, to the ceremony and honeymoon, it can be easy to overlook catering. But the food and drink provided at the wedding can be important. It should be an extension of your theme. Vintage wedding ideas can be reflected in a cake inspired by lace, flowers, and intricate sugar work, for example. A more contemporary wedding could incorporate a cake in an unusual shape, colour scheme, or flavour. Get creative and consult a professional early. Many caterers and cake designers plan up to a year in advance. It is never too early to begin putting together some inspiration, and browsing the galleries of potential designers.

Get Inspired

Searching for ideas can quickly become overwhelming. The key is to consult your partner and leave plenty of time to ponder your options. Browsing sites like Pinterest or Style and the Bride vintage wedding blog can give you both an idea of what is available. Perhaps you both have a favourite flavour you would like to incorporate or an aspect of your culture you would like to feature. There may even be a cause you feel strongly about or that requires a specific dietary aspect. A couple in the United States who are passionate about animal welfare made their cake entirely vegan by avoiding the use of animal products. You can find vegan recipes here or reflect your tastes and passions in another way.

Take your time, collaborate with your partner, be honest with your designer and you’ll soon have the cake of your dreams.