Why I do not think Tesla will change the world of motor?


The announcement and presentation of the Tesla Model 3 has been a revolution in the automotive world. It seems to be the blow on the table that needed the field of electric cars to go to work full – throated, but I see so easy Elon Musk’s dream is so simple.

This new popular power comes to fruition and be a turning point in the market is a long, steep staircase. Each step is more than an existing rival in the market; barriers to entry are solid Tesla project coming from all sides. Musk is already training leg at the gym, but even in the US is sweeping, you will be strong enough?

Tesla not like everyone

The first of the steps is an issue we have spoken at length already, both in public and in private, and that is what oil is what rules. Although scarce, still the energy that moves the world and there are many interests behind who want to stay that way as long as they suck oil from the bowels of the earth.

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Powered vehicles or alternative clean energy are the future, that no one disputes, for the simple reason that oil is a limited resource. Attempts to launch cars that propel by electricity, hydrogen or compressed air are there, but they are quite warm.

Big brands are now starting to trust in their catalogs includes some electric models beyond hybrids, which are easy resource. Hybrids are an intermediate point between oil and electricity, and although they are necessary remain expiration date.

Moves towards 100% electric products are shy and only looking to supplement their ranges to meet the environmental hunger for the public. The marks do not trust that their customers can understand electrical products and customers do not rely on power because they see involvement of brands or sheer ignorance.

The benefits are in internal combustion engines: for car manufacturers, for oil, for governments that a good slice tax takes…

Elon Musk may be a visionary billionaire with a dream of making a better world offering the power of the people to change the picture. But it has to convince not only customers (who seem to be the work) but also to governments, to the hundreds of thousands of people involved in the oil business, shareholders of these companies and, incidentally, manufacturers they do not offer virtually nothing comparable to what is now Tesla.


Another step that must be saved will be recharging points. Now it’s easy, just get your car to one of the thousands of gas stations and plug the tap, but if you have an electric things change.

With some electric vehicles today have a fairly limited range; the basic version of Model 3 has a theoretical almost 350 kilometers of autonomy. It is a reasonable range, but if you need to charge away from home and you have no hand any recharge point you condition your movements to be able to refuel the batteries.

It is only a matter of time outlets for cars flooded almost every corner, to be completed by installing charging points in service stations (in Japan there are more points of recharge stations). The ups at gas may have a higher price. Its electrical installations must be faster to refuel a manner similar to the present, or at least not too long leaving the vehicle standing there. These services have a cost and could be reflected in the price, but will certainly be one of the sectors that will have to adapt to the future of the electric car industry.

In the same way that electric cars are the future, so they are the renewable energies. If the outlook for electricity production does not change and the vehicles battery changes their deposits widely the result is that the emissions we save us from the cars emit producing electricity in origin.

Governments are a party involved in the electrification of vehicles and electrical industry companies as well. Two parties that have so far been very friendly and there to present a change of energy model very well designed so that in the futurethe price of electricity not fire.

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The production capacity of Tesla and refundable reservation

The Tesla project was forecast to reach 500,000 units by 2020, but these figures have had to cut because the investment required to reach half a million cars a year is huge. The mind – boggling numbers of launch Model 3 has not been more than a capital rising.

I propose a car to follow in my line of business, accessible to the general public, with great autonomy and a “cheap” price. I ask only one reservation about $ 1,000more or less has everyone and I do it with an instant injection of cash.

They have been 276,000 reserves in two days from the submission of Model 3, or what is the same, 276 million dollars. That money must now dedicate to his latest creation a reality. They need to be able to increase its production capacity by investing the money in reserves, and make your Model 3 so attractive that people do not take back as they leave the factory the first units.

Although 276,000 people have booked their future Tesla Model 3 without even seeing it in person (mostly) beyond what they could scan the Internet, the truth is that there are thousands of people who are blindly buying a car. It’s like buying clothes not try it on. You do not know if you like or if it looks good. But hey, that’s the least somewhat, what worries me most is this.

Contrary to what anyone might think at first, the booking process and purchase of Tesla Model 3 keeps a peculiarity. It is logical to think that when you book your electric and loosen the $ 1,000 it costs the reservation is already caught.

But no! According to the document backup Model 3, if you flinch before to contact you to formalize the process of buying you back your signal entirely.

And what you supposed to return the signal if the end did not want the car you have booked without seeing it in person? As the number of 276,000 newly reserves that have made the Tesla Model 3 in just 48 hours can stay in a beautiful castle built in the air. This may be the way to do stagger the model Tesla.

Overall, if I can spare $1,000 will book this car that has raised much excitement, if I can then see it in person, or I do not like, or do not convince me your data, or anything, I ask that I send them back and ready. It could have until 2020 to decide.

At the moment I think the movement is risky Tesla, it is offering an intangible product that can go materializing, or not, within three years. Elon Musk is confident that in this period the automotive world takes a turn through the fist on the table that is the announcement of its Model 3, but if things do not become expensive and have to start returning signals can the project be stumbled and becomes a big bluff to roll downstairs.