Next goal for Tesla: Over 600 km of autonomy with Model S and Model X

That is what should get the rumored P100D a top of the range that would go to both the sedan version Model S as the SUV of the house, the Model X. For anyone who follows this issue know that the names describe us the amount battery having the model, and in this case corresponds to 100 kWh.

The most that is offered now are the 90 kWh, but there is enough reliable that the next version will be ready to replace it, leaving a higher step between the models available evidence. What is expected is that the thing remain a basic model with 60 kWh, an intermediate with 75 kWh, and the top model that we introduce in this story (there were 85 that eliminated in favor of 90).

Image Source: Google Image

This version has been talked about months, it appeared logical, but there is also evidence revealed by a Dutch web, which has aired documentation for bodies to standardize and certify vehicles in the area. In the European Union it is necessary to validate the presence of vehicles authorized to do business, uses the Dutch company Tesla RDW.

613 kilometers with a load

Hence versions with 100 kWh appear with a green light for marketing. The striking thing about this version is possible autonomy that up to 380 miles, which in our system of measurement would be 613 kilometers.

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That amount would be according to the NEDC cycle, more realistic EPA would be over 500 kilometers, which is not small feat.

Obviously there will be improvements in pure and hard benefits such as better acceleration or recharge. We will be watching to an official presentation in weeks, it appears that Tesla Model need to encourage some sales in Europe, and this would be a good option to get it.