ZTE bets on the UHD with its new multimedia station, the ZTE ZXV10 B860G

ZTE ZXV10 b860g

Today in our homes is more important than ever to use a device that serves as a link between all the gadgets that interconnected, can feed content between them. Multimedia centers that have everything at hand and that is what has proposed ZTE with its latest release?

The Chinese firm today unveiled the multimedia station ZTE ZXV10 B860G so that in a single device will find a wireless router and a compatible multimedia base with UHD content that works on Android operating system.

ZTE ZXV10 b860g
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We are facing a set top box that mounts two LAN Gigabit Ethernet ports and has MIMO wireless technology, enabling greater coverage in hard to reach areas eliminating whenever possible loss of data packets via wireless.

MIMO signals as they bounce off instead of causing lost favor coverage team. The router can receive the signal directly or bouncing off the walls for example and thus improving performance.

As router also integrates a WAN port and two antennas 2T2R MIMO with said system. It also supports routing, bridging, SSID, VLAN, QOS, firewall and other services.

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Compatible with UHD content

Inside uses an ARM Cortex-A53 quad – core processor supported by a Mali GPU five cores. With such power will have no problem to play videos with UHD resolution at 60 fps and 10-Bit Color to experience cuts without nigún type during the broadcast.

To operate the ZTE ZXV10 B860G uses Android TV and can therefore access all applications compatible with the system within Google Play Store. In this way we can install players like MX Pro, VLC, Plex and Kodi or file browsers to move through our devices

Price and Availability

At the time of writing still we do not have price data nor to the departure to market ZTE B860G ZXV10.