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This is how Audi wants to use the bumps to generate power in their electric cars

We still have much to learn and invent to make fuel or energy in cars decrease. The first steps have brought hybrid and electric systems, but this is just a small part as there are many components and own vehicle movements that can help generate energy.

Audi is releasing an interesting project that is based on using the rear suspension of the car to generate power, this from the same kinetic energy generated by the movement which occurs more on rough roads or the presence of potholes.

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Erot system

Something similar to what happens with regenerative braking, which captures much of the energy is lost in this process, is now implementing a system within the components of the car to absorb bumps in the road, and get energy that represents savings in consumption and therefore a greater autonomy.

The system known as erot replaces traditional shock absorbers by electric motors mounted horizontally, this will allow each wheel movement is converted into electricity to be injected into an integrated battery 48 – volt system, this in addition to fulfilling its primary objective that is smooth the movement for the passengers.

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This would mean an improvement in energy consumption and even a reduction in the emission of pollutants, as this system is also designed for hybrid cars. According to Audi the use of this system would represent a reduction of up to 4.8 grams per mile, but more appealing to the user is an extension to the autonomy of the car by up to 40%.

The erot system is currently under development and already have ready the first prototypes to begin testing in the next few days. Audi’s goal is to implement by the end of 2017 the first cars equipped with this system, with a view to incorporate it all vehicles in the future.

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