An introduction to car hire excess insurance

Hiring a car is an increasingly popular choice, especially when on holiday or away from home. If you have been looking into this option, you may have come across car hire excess insurance. So, what exactly is this, what are the advantages, and is it something you should opt for?

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What is the ‘excess’?

If the car that you hire is damaged or stolen, the cost of the main repairs is covered under the damage waiver. However, like with most insurance, you will have to pay an excess. This is a pre-designated amount towards the repair cost. It tends to be somewhere between £200 and £500, but can be higher in some countries.

The excess usually covers damage to the bodywork, tyres and roof, and may also cover replacement keys and other costs.

What is car hire excess insurance?

Car hire excess insurance is cover that you can take out at a low cost which then allows you to claim back any larger excess that you have to pay to the rental company. You can take out this insurance for single use or for multiple uses within a year.

If you are contemplating hiring a car, then it is well worth considering car hire excess insurance to give you peace of mind. It is usually better to buy this from a third-party insurance company rather than from the rental company.

There are a number of insurers with expertise in this area, many of which have useful online resources such as the examples seen here:

Benefits of car hire excess insurance

Car hire excess insurance gives you peace of mind. If something happens to your car, you can reclaim the excess amount from your insurer. It can cost as little as £2/day but can potentially save you hundreds of pounds.

You can save money by purchasing car hire excess insurance in advance from a third-party insurer rather than at the car rental desk.

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You can usually choose which elements of the vehicle you want to cover, for example, bodywork, tyres, wheels, windscreen and roof.

Joseph Brown

Joseph Brown