Bugatti Chiron

The Bugatti Chiron, 1500 hp, 1600 Nm and 420 km/h

With 1500 horsepower and a top speed of 420 announced km / h, the Bugatti Chiron arrives with the intention of being the world’s fastest car. In addition, be very profitable for the Volkswagen group. Moreover, it is that the 500 units that manufacture, one third are already sold.

With a design that the brand had already left us to feel with the Vision Gran Turismo, the Chiron innovates in other sections, although both its aesthetics and its mechanics, it is inevitable to think that this is a Veyron low anabolic and very angry.

Bugatti Chiron
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Structure 100% carbon fiber

With 4.54 m long, 2.04 m wide and 1.21 m high, the Bugatti Chiron is similar in size to Veyron. The battle for example, is only 1 mm longer in Chiron in the Veyron. Aesthetically, it also reminds undoubtedly the Veyron, especially in profile. From the front, the headlights give an aggressive while somewhat odd look. A single optical group, meanwhile, characterizes the defense, which cross beam light on what is a huge exhaust fan that works in conjunction with the lower diffusers.

The development of the Bugatti Veyron was delayed for several years because cool the supercharged W16 was a puzzle. With Chiron, watching the rear, clearly they opted for a more pragmatic solution. Not that they had much choice, given the engine that equips.

It is an evolution of W16 8.0 liter Veyron equipping, among others, 4 new turbos (two run from 0 to 3800 rpm, regime from which they operate 4), an intake manifold carbon fiber, 32 injectors, titanium exhaust and cooling system (intercooler, exhaust) completely redesigned. Every minute the engine and pass through the intercoolers equivalent to 60,000 liters of air 800 liters of water.

Every minute the engine and pass through the intercoolers equivalent to 60,000 liters of air 800 liters of water…

This new version of W16 disburses 1,500 hp at 6,750 rpm and delivers the barbarity of 1,600 Nm of torque available from 2,000 rpm to 6,000 rpm. To spend all that power to the tarmac, the direct-shift gearbox and 7 relations has been strengthened, and the all -wheel drive that includes an electronically controlled rear differential with the “torque vectoring” function that sends torque to the wheel with better adherence.

Otherworldly performance

In case you have not been impressed, Bugatti announces a 0 to 100 km / h in 2.5 s; 0 to 200 km / h in 6.5 s and the 0-300 km / h in less than 13.6 seconds. In addition, that in a car that weighs 1,995 kg whopping. Clearly, the weight is due largely to the nuclear power plant that takes in a central position. Moreover, it is that the Chiron debuts a fully monocoque carbon fiber, as stiff as a LMP1, but Chiron remains heavier than 155 kg Veyron.

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The chassis now has an adaptive suspension and electromechanical steering, while the driver has provided five driving modes that act on the management of the suspension, steering, engine and aerodynamics: Lift, Auto, Autobahn, Handling and Top Speed .

As the maximum speed, the Chiron repeated two maximum speeds, depending on the key used, as in the Veyron. In normal mode, the maximum speed is 380 km / h, but if we use the second key, the maximum speed is 420 km / h. Still it is electronically limited!

The Maximum Speed Is 420 Km / H … Electronically!

To stop such a missile, equipped disc brakes 420 mm front and 400 mm rear with 8 – piston calipers front and 6 piston behind. Bugatti announces a 100 km / ha 0 to 31.3 meters and a 200 km / ha 0 in 125 meters; to a complete stop from 300 km / h it would need 275 meters.

After all this display of figures somewhat absurd, one can only admire the great engineering work (despite appearances has very little of the Veyron) behind the car and craft to see inside.

This version, as I said, must also be profitable for the Volkswagen group. It should be more, because it only took into account the basic price of the car without options or limited series that will sell more expensive, because you can be sure will be. click here to know more like this stuff.