Noontec Zoro II wireless, Bluetooth headset

Noontec Zoro II

Choose wired headset and assumed certain headaches and make concessions both ears as to our portfolio, but select what to buy Bluetooth headset is even more complicated. Or we go to a premium range, thus paying a high price, or we go to the low end and we will feel that if we pay a little more could have gotten some better headphones.

While we test Zoro II Noontec, headphones made in China but with Italian design as shown in the box, and left us a good impression and had an interesting value. Now it is the turn to the model Wireless and Bluetooth, the Zoro II wireless headphones.

Noontec wireless Zoro II: Specifications

  • Connector: 3.5 mm
  • Drivers: 40mm dynamic HD Votrik
  • Frequency response: 13 ~ 26,000 Hz
  • 1mW sensitivity at 1 KHz: 108dB
  • Input impedance: 32 Ω
  • Maximum power: 60 mW
  • Bluetooth 4.0
  • NFC Fast pairing
  • Microphone: yes
  • Battery: Rechargeable 650 mAh
  • Autonomy in standby: 1000 hours
  • Playback Autonomy: Min 20 hours, about 35 hours depending on volume.
  • Audio cable length: 1.2M
  • Weight: 190g
  • Dimensions (L x W x H): 179x171x66 mm

Noontec Zoro II
Image Source: Google Image

Noontec Zoro II wireless, Unpacked and First impressions

As was the case with previous Zoro cable, headphone packaging is right. We have a lid that closes with magnets and allowing us to see the product and its specifications. However, for this we must have good eyesight (or magnifying glass) that the font cannot be smaller.

Saving that little detail (and what goes with small second) after opening the box we find the folded headphones, USB charging cable of the battery, and an audio cable and a carrying case that already were in the model With cable. Oh, and a guide written in the same font size in the box. If you have vision, problems closely watch hand magnifier.

And we with headphones. The model we reviewed is available in two shades of blue and the colors we have received, glossy black and orange. The on / off is used to view the state of charge thanks to tiny yellow LED. In addition, turning on or off the unit a phrase we say we have the headset on or off.

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Audio test

The buyer will purchase Zoro II wireless probably fit into this profile: Person who likes the design of the Beats, looking for a more balanced sound than that provided headphones Apple (which as you know is the owner of Beats) and / or value more money and therefore look for a better value.

As discussed in the previous paragraph, can boast Noontec Italian design but it is undeniable some inspiration in Beats. That is, if you like the design you will like the design of Noontec. What about the sound?

Returning to the example above. Buyers of low sugarcane Beats value. If so I have good news and bad news, good Noontec have a low but much more controlled and restrained the Beats. The media are generally rather well, liked acute. The downside is that they are not as tame as the serious, sometimes resulting in too uncontrolled presence and in some songs.

Spatiality is quite good as happened in the cable model. Overall for a Bluetooth headset sound pretty good. When it comes to enjoy the cable, we must look pretty to notice differences in wireless connectivity, good news that will not have to resort to the cable except when we run out of battery. And this is something really difficult, because one of the strengths of Zoro is a remarkable range of more than 35 hours according to specifications , we could not verify that the battery is still very good level after the test sessions.

Although the website figures we can match them by Bluetooth with up to 8 devices, the truth is that because the instructions do not indicate anything (or is it that is in a kind of smaller font yet?) I had to decouple the headset and re-pair with another audio source and I have not found a way to return the handset to search mode.

Final assessment of Noontec Zoro II Bluetooth

At the end of each analysis as always, get wet. The wireless Noontec Zoro is a headset whose design is not new, as was the case with their counterparts wired, borrowing many ideas from the Beats. Abuse and prone glossy plastic leave our footprints, especially in the top of the headband.

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As a supra-aural headphones and shape of your pads are not going to fully isolate outside noise. And finally to list your points “less good”, I do not understand why the buttons work reversely to other headphones. A long tap to increase or decrease the volume, and a short time to change the subject touch is just the opposite we expect as user experience. It is also not well solved the button to pair the headset with other devices. The only thing that alleviates this problem is that they have NFC, but not all devices have it. In addition, as we discussed earlier, the mids and treble are sometimes a little wayward and have too much prominence.

And let the good points. The Zoro II wireless are lightweight to be a Bluetooth headset. Just remember that their wired counterparts weigh only 26 grams less.Folding to take with us and use the advantage of cable if the battery is finished we have a good bill and good touch and finishes. The headphones have good sound overall if we pop music and even have serious sound balanced, which is essential for many buyers. The voice prompts to connect and disconnect are extremely welcome and autonomy is outstanding.

The construction is good and the design is like other headphones we have mentioned (and not repeat myself more). With its flaws and virtues, the Zoro II Noontec wireless headphones may be looking to see if a headset with Bluetooth without spending much money on a premium range. Visit to know more gadget and tech update.