i NEXT, the first electric autonomous BMW car, will arrive in 2021


At the rate we are few companies that are not working on an autonomous car, because during the last year have seen technological and manufacturers have raised his hand, indicating that its projects in autonomous driving are under development, or, they are by starting with tests.

One of the most important manufacturers in the automotive world is BMW, who for several months has been dedicated to showing projects futuristic ideas and concepts to be discussed later, since none of the cases has been a possible date. But it seems that the Germans are finally ready to enter the competition because just announced that its first autonomous car will arrive in 2021 and will be known as ‘i NEXT’.

Image Source: Google Image

A vision of the future

Last March tore the celebration of the first 100 years of BMW, for which prepared a concept called ‘Vision Next 100’, which more than a real car, it was a glimpse into the future of how the company looked at the year 2116, an idea that captivated everyone as it was not just an image, but a philosophy that bet on the future and innovation.

But now the occasion of the annual shareholder meeting in Munich, Harald Krueger, CEO of the company, has confirmed at least the year in which we see the first autonomous BMW car, which will be the next big innovation after 2018 launch if i8 roadster, which will be the last of electric family who gave life to the i3and the incredible i8.

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According to Krueger, the i NEXT hit the market sometime in 2021, will be the spearhead of a new engine of innovation in the company, which first incorporated autonomous driving, independent digital connectivity to communicate with other devices, infrastructure and vehicles, plus it will have a design and construction based on a new lighter materials, new interior, and the next generation of electric motors.

So far no further details of this next vehicle, do not even know their real aspect, however, it is interesting as a company like BMW can ensure a way so aggressive, that in just five years will witness its commitment to the already it is considered the great evolutionary leap cars from birth. We must wait.