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Apple boosts its Apple TV with Live Tune-In to enhance VOD Live

In these pages has already spoken at other times of the Apple TV, that “toy” darling of Apple that allows us to have on your television or monitor, a variety of content of all kinds through the use of applications on TVOS, form that the new Apple TV joins the iOS ecosystem.

Apple TV
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A lot of functions to which now a new specification that seeks to bring to fruition what Apple has in mind for adds promote the use of live TV with live broadcasts of all types of content and responds to name Live Tune-in.

A function that began unfolding this weekend and shown to users by a welcome screen. Live Tune-In is here and here to stay or at least I think in Cupertino.

Thanks to this functionality and relying on the use of Siri, viewers (is a concept that should be adapted to new times) can move between applications same now support this option, if CBS, ESPN and Disney XD.

By using Siri and a simple voice command we will be able to start seeing live television in one of the aforementioned channels. Suffice it to say “watch ESPN” or “see CBS” to start viewing the content of these channels.

Waiting for new channels … That would be something interesting

This is the good part, but there is also a not so positive side, because first of these channels require a subscription, so if you are not paid soon could serve Live Tune-In. In addition, for now they are just these three platforms which are supported, hoping that in the near future join new options such as Netflix, Hulu, ABC…

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While updating TVOS 9.2 was released in March, it is now that from Cupertino has dared to promote the new function, it may be that until you have the support of these three platforms and because so far the system was not properly seated.

What is certain is that the Apple TV gradually grows, being an interesting alternative to enjoy quality content on our TV at a moderately reduced price. Visit for more updated news.