A new software comes to determine whether the USB Type-C cable use is good or bad quality


Is the type of cable that sucks, or so many say, in the future standard. We’re talking cable USB Type-C and wants to wrest the reign of our beloved fellow sufferer, the microUSB cable that virtually all of our gadgets we carry.

A complement to many users do not pay attention, something they should do, because despite what may seem, not all cables are equal and not all offer the same quality and this is where we embrace the news that today we bring to front.

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It seems incredible, but a cable of poor quality, either microUSB or as the present one, USB Type-C, can cause problems in our devices to the point that it can get useless, so it’s not something we have to overlook so lightly.

To try to tackle this problem from the USB Implementers Forum, a non-profit organization that certifies USB cables, it has developed an authentication protocol based on cryptography in order to provide the user with knowledge about the quality of the cable it is available to use.

Thus the devices with this protocol could determine whether the cable we connected either to charge or data transfer has been approved and therefore certified as having the minimum requirements for optimal performance.

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With this simple process, connect your tablet or smartphone could we know if before it is later, the cable we use is appropriate or otherwise is of low quality and may cause damage to our team.

The protocol would be implemented in devices to newly manufactured making use of this standard cable or satellite could lead update in the usual way in which we receive the updates in our gadgets. Visit http://clickmyemails.com/ for more tech news.