7 travel tips where you can have a great holiday with friends


If you still have holiday days to enjoy and you are not very clear on the destination, we propose seven places where you will spend as never before with friends. They are great destinations with whom you go, but with your friends you can make things much more fun and make the most of the time you spend there.


A great city full of museums, spectacular sites, many surprises and shops and markets everywhere! With your boy you will not do half the shopping that with your group of friends. Also, you do not have to ruin your trip as many interesting London things can be done for free.

Bonus: Has the best musical offer in Europe.

Your friends and you will always remember this trip for the musical of the West End that moved you and made you dance and sing and for all the chollos that you bought in Oxford Street and in the markets.

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By day, beaches, sea, sun and night, a march as in few places of the world. Ibiza is a non stop party and a place where luxury and posture are the order of the day.

Bonus: Pass by sailboat or catamaran to the nearby island of Formentera.

Your friends and you will always remember this trip in the evenings without stopping dancing in the nightclub on duty.


All the Greek islands have their charm, but if you are looking for an island with a lot of atmosphere , the ideal place is Mykonos, where the beaches at sunset are filled with music and drinks. An international atmosphere in which you will move like a fish in the water with your most friendly friends.

Bonus: Do not stop taking pictures of all the alleys of the island. The light of the sun and the white of the houses turn every small corner into an ideal place to see you more favored than ever.

Your friends and you will always remember this trip for the group of Dutch people you met on the beach.


If you want a bit of relax, Andorra offers some incredible spas. In addition, you can feel the call of nature practicing cycling, hiking or horseback riding in a unique environment. Ideal for groups of more adventurous friends and if what you are looking for in a disconnection of stress.

Bonu : Of course, Andorra is also a great place to go shopping.

Your friends and you will always remember this trip because you tried more new sports than in all your life.

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Blue Coast

If you’ve always dreamed of a road trip with your friends, try the French Riviera . Take the car with your group of friends and travel places like Nice, Monaco or Cannes across a coast with unsurpassed views.

Bonus: Tour the interior and visit Arles, Nimes and Aix-en-Provence.

Your friends and you will always remember this trip because you found beautiful villages and beaches that surprised you and do not usually appear in tourist guides.

Milan and Florence

As Venice is almost obligatory to go with your partner, Milan is a cosmopolitan city where luxury shops and fashion outlets require the company of your friends, who will never tire of shopping, while the museums of Florence The cultural part of the trip.

Bonus: To be surrounded by elegant Italians everywhere.

Your friends and you will always remember this trip for the dresses of Armani, Dolce & Gabbana and Versace that you bought in an outlet at a ridiculously low prices.


If you want to discover the destination of fashion, do it with friends. You will find paradise beaches, mojitos at all hours, nights of revelry, and a city like Havana with a unique charm that is worth knowing.

Bonus: Eat on a palate, talk to people, Cubans are really charming and are eager to talk about any topic.

Your friends and you will always remember this trip because the day never ended as you expected in Cuba it is better not to make plans and get carried away!