Why Londoners want to work closer to home

The coronavirus pandemic has resulted in a change of lifestyle for people up and down the country. Employees who were used to the daily commute into London found themselves unexpectedly working from home, which has led to a change in attitudes for both employers and their staff.

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Happy balance

In a recent survey, almost half of those asked said they would like the option to be able to work from home for at least some of the week. Employers, who can struggle with instigating new rules surrounding social distancing measures, appear more than happy to oblige.

Homeworking benefits

For many, working from home led to staff reporting that they were being more productive. Most people asked said they would like the option to work some of the week in the office and the rest from home, with only seven per cent saying they wanted to return to the workplace full-time.

Being able to work from home means being able to take a break and enjoy local outdoor space, either during a lunch break or before or after work. This kind of lifestyle can improve the wellbeing and stress levels of workers.

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Pros and cons

Depending on each individual’s circumstances, working from home can be free from distractions, offer a quiet, more relaxed workspace, and – of course – be very cost-effective, saving employees money on both travelling and food and drink. However, many parents reported high stress levels during the lockdown. With schools closed and children needing to be home-schooled, employers and their staff had to come to hastily-arranged compromises to ensure both family and work commitments could be met.

Home office

Temporary workspaces also had to be quickly put together, with many people converting bedrooms into makeshift offices. This resulted in a demand for office furniture, especially chairs such as the draughtsman chair from companies such as https://www.bestbuy-officechairs.co.uk/office-chairs/draughtsman-chairs/. This style of chair offers comfort and ensures the correct seating position to avoid injury and back strain.

London life

Businesses whose existence is dependent on the commuter have not found the new way life as easy as others, with many coffee shops, restaurants and retailers in the centre of town still closed due to a lack of customers. The future for these companies is uncertain and only time will tell whether London will revert to the bustling city it once was.