Why choose a Staycation?

We all love getting away and enjoying some well-earned rest and relaxation. For many, that will mean jetting off to sunny shores but if you’re choosing to stay in the UK then don’t feel like you’re missing out. Here are some great reasons why holidaying in your home country can be just as wonderful:

Less Travel Time

Flying off to foreign destinations is very time consuming and can take the best part of 24 hours once you’ve factored in traffic, airport queues, getting through customs and transfers. You’ll be exhausted by the time you get there and have taken a big chunk of holiday time on travel. A car or train journey need only take a couple of hours for a staycation. For romantic breaks in Shepherds Huts, visit cotswold shepherd huts.

No Jetlag

As there’s no time difference, you won’t need to feel spaced out for the first few days or change your watches! Return from your break feeling refreshed and not feeling like you need another holiday.

Never Too Far

Whilst we don’t like to imagine the worst, should disaster strike, at least on a staycation you’re never too far away from home should you need to rush back for any reason.

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Perfect for Little Ones

Travel is never that easy with small children but foreign travel can be a real headache. Short journeys are often the most pleasurable option so you don’t have to deal with a fractious child in a cramped airplane seat for hours on end!

Save Money

Travelling abroad is expensive and the cost of flights is ever increasing. Once you’ve factored in the hotel, meals, car hire, passports and excursions – you will be seriously out of pocket. With a staycation, you can save your money for the activities and fun you really want to engage in.

Short Breaks

Taking a break in the UK means that if you’ve a really busy schedule, you can get away quickly and just for a couple of days if that’s all you have free. Why have one big holiday when you can have loads of little ones spaced out over the year. 

Exciting Discoveries

Quite often we know little about what’s in our own backyard. Being a tourist in your own country opens exciting discoveries about somewhere you take for granted. The UK is full of wonderful historical sites, beautiful natural landscapes and innovative visitor attractions. You just need to see it from a new perspective sometimes.

Helping the Economy

One of the best reasons to take a staycation is the support that you’re giving to the UK economy. By spending our money right here, we can only be making the economy stronger and benefiting ourselves and our families in the long-term.

Inside and Out

OK so we all know our British weather is a tad unpredictable but that’s fine because there are heaps of activities on offer that include both indoor and outdoor facilities. We just have to divvy up our lists into ‘sunny’ weather activities and ‘rainy day’ ones.