Why do we say taking care of business when we mean using the loo?

There are lots of ways that we use language to describe and act rather than say the actual act itself. One of the most popular of these is when we have to use the toilet. Rather than annonce what we are going to do we opt to use a synonym or metaphor instead. This is the done thing not just in polite company but also in strange company as well. It’s easy to see why we do it as most of us would rather not like to acknowledge that it happens in the first place. One of the most interesting is why we say we need to “take care of some business”. This particular phrase dates back to our good friends and benefactors the Romans.

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The Romans were very big on public health as they recognised that as the population began to move to their cities and towns, sometimes forced it has to be said, the rise in illness and disease was going to go up. One of the first ways that it could become a problem was the mounting amount of waste that was going to pile up. The answer lay in decent toilets and drainage.

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Public toilets meant that the locals could use them but they were also a way that businessmen could meet and, well, do business. Many deals were discussed and struck over the latrines. It was not only commercial projects. Secret deals, marriage arrangements, social diaries, political debates were all conducted there. If they get blocked you can bet that some was wondering about Drainage Cleaning Near Me.

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