What to wear for a smart casual dress code for men

Dressing in line with a dress code can be quite difficult, especially if it is not usually to a catered taste. Everybody has a different style so it could be hard to adhere to a policy. However, it may not prove to be too challenging to throw together a smart casual outfit, particularly for men. This article will give some suggestions on a smart casual dress code for men.

Jeans are usually seen as an “informal” piece of clothing, but it can easily be dressed up. Designer jeans can be fitted and flattering which gives a more “formal” look, especially in a darker tone. One can buy mens designer jeans from companies such as EJ Menswear.

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Chinos are also a great way to mix up style every now and then. The same jumper or shirt worn with jeans can be worn with chinos and can instantly change the overall appearance. The most popular colours are navy and beige as they are easy to match and are suitable for occasions all year round. Chinos are easy to play with as they are not only suitable for smart casual dress codes, but they can be used for all types of dress codes, such as business casual.

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Another suggestion for a smart casual dress code is a well- fitted shirt. Rolling up the cuffs of the sleeves can help make the whole outfit a bit more relaxed, rather than too formal. It would be a good idea to have a few different colours of a fitted shirt to mix and match with jeans and chinos.