The hi-tech survival gear you shouldn’t camp without

MPowerd Luci

A hi-tech lantern such as the MPowerd Luci can multi-task as a torch, lantern, emergency beacon and task light, and it is also waterproof, which is essential for the unpredictable British weather. It blows up to around 13 cm in diameter and is charged by solar power.

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DeLorme inReach SE

The inReach is a portable, pocket-sized satellite communicator allowing you to bring civilisation with you wherever you go. While being waterproof and impact resistant, you can tweet or stay in touch with friends and family, but most importantly, send SOS signals that transmit from any location worldwide.


Ideal for camping, a back-up battery runs fuel cell batteries enabling you to keep essential gadgets running. The PowerTrekk enables you to charge both your phone and standard batteries, essential in the wild, as being caught outside without the proper gear can have serious consequences.

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Arka USB charger, lantern and flashlight

It has three major functions; a tent lantern, a flashlight (which can project up to 75 metres as well as an SOS strobe setting) and a battery charger including a USB port for mobile phone devices.

Sony DEV-50V DVR binoculars

3D recording binoculars have become regular campsite kit. Second generation models are now even more compact and weigh as little as 765 grams. The DEV-50V also uses image stabilisation technology to maintain steady views, and a low-light feature enables use at dusk. And make sure you carry all your kit in a bag such as those by Vanquest found at

Scosche BoomBottle

This Bluetooth speaker is durable enough to survive water splashes and short drops, for music and entertainment wherever you are. Perfect for the outdoors, the BoomBottle runs for around 10 hours and allows you to connect to your mobile phone 30 feet away.

Fujifilm XP200

FujiFilm has been perfecting its range of outdoor cameras, and this latest model is ideal for outdoor pursuits. It is waterproof (up to 15 metres), dustproof, shockproof and has a reinforced, protected lens. The XP200 also has an innovative Wi-Fi transfer system for your images, a 16-megapixel sensor and 10x digital zoom.

Garmin Oregon 650t

A pocket GPS and 8-megapixel camera in one, the Oregon is pre-loaded with helpful topographical maps. The useful touchscreen allows you to zoom into and flip maps to view your location.