Learning to Ride a Horse as an Adult

Horses have a long history and relationship with humans. As well as working for humans and doing many jobs, from helping people to get around before the invention of the motor vehicle, to working on farms pulling machinery, horses also have a special relationship with us. From being inspirational for art like this horse sculpture, to providing therapy to people who suffer from mental illness. It is little wonder that people want to spend time around horses – and learning to ride a horse is still something that many people wish to do.

As well as being able to spend time with horses there are many reasons why learning to ride a horse is so appealing – the sense of freedom that it gives you, the time spent outdoors and meeting new people who share a common interest are just some of the reasons why people enjoy learning to ride horses.

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Something that many people think is that you need to start to learn in childhood. However, this is just not true at all. Many people learn to ride a horse as an adult, and even people who are well into their retirement years will learn to horse ride, so don’t be put off by feeling that you are past it!

As well as benefiting physical health, another advantage of horse riding is that it helps with mental health. Time spent with the horses and learning the skills required help to focus the mind. It is also a great benefit mentally to spend plenty of time out on horseback in the fresh air, and in the countryside near to where you live.

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If you are looking for somewhere to learn to ride, have a look into a few places that are near to where you live. Speaking to a few different riding stables will give you a good idea of what things you are looking for and you will probably find that there is one that you are more naturally attracted to. Doing this will give you greater confidence in beginning your lessons too, rather than simply going with the first one you come across on a search. Check that the staff have the correct experience and qualifications too and see if you can get feedback from other people who have learned to ride there.