The advantages of growing old

Modern society mostly tells us that growing old is a bad thing. The pressure is on to look youthful, hide those wrinkles and dye away those grey hairs! So, as most of us fear the ageing process, there are a few who embrace it and with good reason. Here are some reasons why growing old can be great:

  1. Happiness

Surprisingly, surveys of seniors show they are some of the happiest people, far more than middle-aged people. This could be because they are more comfortable with who they are and are better able to cope with hardships.

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  1. Grandchildren

All the joy of children but without the tantrums and nappy changing! They keep you feeling young and are a focus of doting and spoiling for the older generation. The role of grandparents in a child’s social and emotional development is crucial and it seems the benefits are two-sided.

  1. More time

Gone are the commutes and stress, instead replaced with time to relax and reset, focusing on hobbies and pastimes that bring joy. There is also more time to spend with family and friends. Find out how to receive extra help with Live in Care Taunton at a site like Live in Care, a leading provider of Live in Care Taunton services.

  1. Wisdom

The benefit of age is wisdom. The ‘been there done that’ that provides great intellectual and emotional resilience. Older people have better abilities in controlling their emotions, tend to act more calmly and as a result, are simply happier.

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  1. Discounts

This might seem trivial but who doesn’t love a discount? These provide an incentive for seniors to travel and make the most of their retirement at a time when income is often limited and fixed.