Why you need a professional for difficult drains

Many homes have a sink that just always gets blocked up. You plunge every few weeks but still it keeps bothering you. It looks like you’ve got it sorted but not long after, it clogs again. Maybe you’ve even stopped trying to sort out the problem altogether? Perhaps you have concluded that there is nothing you can do about it.

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Do not give up just yet! Problems occurs in drains for all sorts of reasons, but there is always something you can do. Usually, it is even less involved than you might assume. If it cannot be fixed with plunging, a drain unblocking professional is the next step. For Blocked Drains Essex, visit a site like 3flow drainage, a provider of Blocked Drains Essex services. Here are some reasons why you should call an expert when you have a drain problem:

When gunk accumulates on the inside wall of the pipe, it can be really difficult to remove. If hardened enough, no amount of plunging will shift it. Professionals have tools that go directly down the channel, safely and effectively eliminating the buildup of residue on the pipe walls. By finding and removing built-up gunk in your pipe, a professional can help prevent clogging before it happens.

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Usually, when people cannot solve the issue with plunging, the next thing they try is a chemical drain cleaner. These things often do the trick, but it’s rarely worth the cost. Chemical drain cleaners work by forming acid in your pipe that eat away at the blockage. The problem is not to stop there. Acid does not distinguish between clogging and pipe, itself.