Make Italy Your Summer 2018 Holiday Destination

If you’re thinking about your summer holidays, you’re not alone. Many people start researching and even booking their next vacation in the cold, dark month of January. Here are some top reasons why you should seriously consider a trip to Italy this year:


There is nowhere quite as magical and vibrant as Rome. A perfect mix of 21t century city living set to a backdrop of ancient ruins and monuments. With nearly 3,000 years of history, the city is a giant archaeological dig with new discoveries occurring all the time. Where else can you walk where the likes of Romulus, Nero and Julius Caesar once walked? For those who love culture, history, museums, architecture, amazing food and great shopping, then Rome is a must-see destination.


A truly unique city in every way. Yes, it’s true that sometimes it’s whiffs a bit and occasionally floods but any trip to Italy is not complete without a visit to this iconic destination. If you’re seeking a ‘wow’ moment, then you’ll find it here when you step into the plaza and surround yourself with all things Venice. It’s old yet full of life, packed with fascinating buildings, colour, fun, delicious seafood and great shopping.

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You’ve done Rome and Venice, but you mustn’t leave until you’ve seen Florence. Florence is a small city which makes it ideal for exploring on foot. There are so many buildings, museums, art works and churches to soak up, such as the incredible Duomo. Be sure to take in the Uffizi and Galleria dell Accademia museums. This is one of the most stunning cities in the world, with a relaxed vibe and no mass tourist resorts.


You can’t mention Italy without thinking about the food. Every region has its own unique cuisine, each one delicious. The Italians know how to dine, whether it be home-cooked or restaurant, you’re unlikely to experience a bad meal during a holiday to Italy. Venice is about seafood, Tuscany and Sicily have pasta and Naples is the birthplace of pizza. Don’t forget the irresistible coffee, wine, desserts and gelato! Why not get yourself in the mood before you go and treat the family to a range of Italian Restaurants in Dublin, like

The People

As with any city on the planet, you’ll find unscrupulous pick pockets and the odd rude driver, but Italy has some of the warmest, most generous and hospitable people in the world. Show an interest in something, and they will welcome you with open arms, whether they speak English or not. Learn a few key phrases and introductions before you travel, if nothing else just to help you engage with such wonderful people. Italians have an infectious passion for life and fine things, as seen in their food, fashion and football. If they’re going to do something, they will do with style and panache.